best-lavalier-micsUsing the best lavalier mic will make you sound better on stage, on a recording, and even on your video. Good lav mics don’t have to sound tinny with zero wind protection. You just have to get the right one. πŸ™‚

Nice lavalier microphones are easy to use because they clip on your shirt, tie, or lapel. You can position them close to your mouth and hide the chord to the battery pack pretty easily. Plus, they can sound really good.

We’ve reviewed all of the top lav microphones, compared their features, and demoed their sounds to bring you the best ones that are out there. Let’s take a look!

Top 3 Lavalier Microphones


Here are the Top Lav Mics Compared

Here is our list of the best lavalier mics that will make you sound better for an affordable price.

Audio-Technica PRO 70 Lavalier/Instrument Microphone


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When listing some of the top microphone brands available today, Audio Technica is sure to make the list. For a company that began in 1962 in Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan, it has grown to become an international brand with sales made to every part of the world where microphones are used.

Audio-Technica is here offering us the PRO 70 which is its lavalier microphone designed to be used for both vocals and instruments. This is a condenser microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern.

Unlike what is obtainable with many lavalier microphones, which is an omnidirectional polar pattern, the PRO 70’s cardioid pickup pattern ensures a tighter sound pickup which is also what makes it ideal for use with instruments.

With a frequency range of 100 Hz to 14 kHz, it will be ideal for vocals and instruments that do not have a lot of low frequency. Even if you require more low frequency cut, it features a 80 Hz, 18 dB bass roll-off that will help tame those unwanted lows even further.

It can be powered using 1.5V AA/UM3 batteries of Phantom power. This increases the ease with which it can be used.

Packed in the box are a clip for cloths, adapter for instruments, power pack, windshield, battery and carrying pouch.


  • Transducer type – Condenser.
  • Polar pattern – Cardioid.
  • Frequency response range – 100 Hz to 14 kHz.


The included windshield may not be the best for recording in windy conditions.


This is ideal for those looking for a lavalier that can serve multiple purposes.

Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone


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Rode Microphone is no doubt one of the leading microphone brands in the world today. From its inception in 1967, this Australian brand has continually provided audio solutions that inspired musicians and performers worldwide to excel.

The product on display from the brand here is the smartLav+. This is an omnidirectional lapel microphone designed for use with smartphones and other mobile devices with TTRS input jack.

Using a condenser transducer, this microphone that measures a mere 4.5mm delivers broadcast quality audio. With a frequency response range of 60Hz – 18kHz, it fully covers the range of the human voice, cutting off unnecessary lows that can muddy up the output. Its maximum SPL of 110dB also assures that that it can handle loud speech volumes with ease.

Though this microphone is small and lightweight, it is designed to withstand regular use. The cable, which is Kevlar reinforced, ensures that it does not snap during regular use. The same goes for the mounting clip which is also built for durability.

When you order this, you will get a wind shield and carrying pouch. Rode is so confident of its product that it comes with a one year warranty.


  • Transducer type – Condenser.
  • Frequency response range – 60 Hz to 18 kHz.
  • Polar pattern – Omnidirectional.


Using this with any device outside of a smartphone may require some additional gear purchase.


If you record audio or video with your smartphone and need something to boost your audio quality, then you may want to look at this.

PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier Microphone


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PowerDeWise is a seller of various microphones and accessories designed for use with smartphones and DSLR cameras. While not among the more popular brands, this company serves a purpose that many vloggers and amateur video content creators will appreciate.

Here, the brand offers a lavalier microphone built to improve the quality of your mobile video creations. Its omnidirectional polar pattern ensures that it can easily pick up your voice even while clipped to your lapel or collar and its frequency response range of 50 Hz to 16 kHz is just right for picking the human vocal range.

When you order this microphone you will get a rotating clip. This makes it both easy to clip the microphone as well as position it optimally. You will also get a wind muff which makes recording outdoors less troublesome.

Other extras in the box include a 79 inch cable which allows you to record from a pretty long distance, a 4 to 3 pin adaptor for increased versatility and a carrying pouch for easy storage and portability.

This microphone is no doubt a great solution for anyone who creates video and audio content with their smartphones.


  • Polar pattern – Omnidirectional.
  • Frequency response range – 50 Hz to 16 kHz.
  • Extras – 79 inch cable, 4 to 3 pin adaptor and carrying pouch.


Its sensitivity makes positioning a bit of an issue.


This is surely a great resource for anyone who creates video or audio content with their phone and wants to improve the quality of the audio recording.

Purple Panda Lavalier Microphone Kit


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Purple Panda is a Canadian brand that is pretty new on the block. Its focus is the creation of top quality products that are easy to use and help amateur content creators create good quality video and audio projects.

This lavalier microphone kit offered by the brand is designed for use with smartphones, mobile devices, camcorders, DSLRs and other compatible devices. Its condenser transducer enhances quality audio pickup while its omnidirectional pickup pattern ensures that little escapes it.

In keeping with the brand’s philosophy, this microphone is very easy to use. It offers a simple plug and play operation that makes it usable by the most inexperienced user.

To further aid ease of use, several extras are included in the pack. These include: a 3 meter extension cord, a TRS adapter, a mini USB adapter, a fuzzy windscreen, an extra clip and a drawstring carrying pouch.

As a final icing on the cake, the brand throws in an Ebook, Filmmaking for Newbies E-Book, to help you improve your craft.


  • Transducer type – Condenser.
  • Polar pattern – Omnidirectional.
  • Extras – Ebook on filmmaking, fuzzy windshield, TRS adapter, mini USB adapter, 3 meter cord, extra clip and carrying pouch.


When using it with a DSLR, you may need some force to push the jack all the way into the adapter. If not pushed in all the way, it may not work or may have some noise.


This lavalier microphone offers real ease of use to folks who create video and audio content using smartphones and other mobile devices.

Sony ECMCS3 Clip On Lavalier Mic


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Sony Corporation, owners of the Sony brand, has been a leading electronics company for decades. The company has become a household name in the areas of consumer and professional electronics, audio equipment, gaming and more.

Though not particularly known for its microphone products, the brand here offers us the ECMCS3. This is a very compact clip-on microphone that will work with your laptop, mobile recording devices and many other devices that have a 3.5mm microphone input.

This microphone is very easy to use. First, with the clip, the microphone can be placed in the most optimal position to achieve the best pickup. The microphone also rotates on the clip to further enhance its positioning.

Once plugged, it requires no additional power but will work with the power supplied by its host device. It has a frequency response range of 50 Hz to 15 kHz which will perfectly capture the range of the human voice. It also has an omnidirectional pickup pattern which makes picking up sound from all directions very easy.

This microphone will improve the quality of your audio without depleting your wallet.


  • Polar pattern – Omnidirectional.
  • Frequency response range – 50 Hz to 15 kHz.
  • Sensitivity – -38dB.


Care needs to be taken with recording location and gain setting as the mic will easily pickup ambient sound because of its omnidirectional pickup pattern.


This is a very cheap microphone that will significantly improve the quality of your recording. It’s great for users on a really tight budget.

What You Should Get!

It’s been another interesting journey through the world of lavalier microphones. We had a short list of products to look through and our focus was on the lower end products that could be used on mobile devices.

After looking through the 5 products on our list and after considering what each one offered with regards to versatility and performance, we chose the Audio-Technica PRO 70 Lavalier/Instrument Microphone as our pick for Top Lavalier Microphone because we believe that it offers the best all-round value.

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