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Upgrade your OPPO UDP-203 with Clones Audio’s PSUPD

An integrated amplifier. Monoblocks. A pre-amplifier. A DAC. A music server. A PCIe USB3.0 audio card. A Schumann Resonator. A decent range of products from the relatively fledgling Clones Audio, founded in 2012 and whose first product, a Gainclone implementation, lent this Hong Kong company its name.

Clones Audio’s latest offering is the PSUPD — a fully discrete linear power supply board for OPPO Digital’s UDP-203 disc player, one that promises ‘ultra-low noise’ and next-level performance from the OPPO Digital player’s video, analogue audio and digital audio outputs.

According to Clones, the installation process takes 10 – 15 minutes and highly likely that it voids OPPO Digital’s warranty. One look at the installation guide (here) confirms that only a screwdriver (no soldering!) and a little care are required to swap out the UDP-203’s original switching power supply board for Clones’ linear PSUPD.

Here we see OPPO’s outgoing switching power supply board:

And here we see the incoming Clones linear supply:

The latter’s large toroidal is unmissable.

The PSUPD is shipping now for HKD2499 (~US$320) which represents a sizeable percentage of the OPPO player’s initial US$549 outlay. One might reasonably wonder if it’s better to head straight for the UDP-205 at US$1299 for which Clones also have a replacement power supply in the works.

Further information: Clones Audio

Written by John H. Darko

John H. Darko

John is the editor/publisher of DAR from which he derives an income from its ad revenues. John is also an occasional contributor to 6moons and AudioStream and lives in Berlin, Germany.

Twitter: DarkoAudio
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  1. Thanks John.. It’s good to know that they are working on one for the 205. I have the 105 at home and really like it for playing Multi-channel discs even though the DAC inside is not the best..

    • I agree. Not all switching power supplies are noisy and not all linear supplies are quiet. It depends on the implementation of each. For the OPPO, Clones are simply claiming that their supply sounds better than the stock supply whilst sidestepping the debate about one type of supply bettering the other.

  2. Those considering this upgrade might want to first try a simple power cord upgrade. Haven’t tried it myself but it might save you some money compared to this upgrade and won’t void the warranty. Oppo’s warranty and willingness to work with customers seems very highly regarded. I imagine one could always reinstall the original power supply before sending it in. I do not condone that sort of activity. Of course. BTW, last week I saw a bdp 105 for $500 on craigslist. Lots of deals to be had now that oppo has updated their players.

  3. @corsair I tend to agree that is exactly what I have done with my new OPPO 203 UHD perhaps a year or two down the road would consider a modification like PSUDB or a modwright mod.

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