Japan asks: do you even brick, bro?

fujiya_avic_spring_2016In Japan, bricking it with a DAP plus external DAC/amplifier is the norm, not the exception. And nowhere is this more apparent than at the Fujiya Avic Spring 2016 headphone festival in Tokyo; A&K + Mojo and Sony + Venturecraft bundles abound.

Helping headphonistas keep their literal shit together are Van Nuys whose selection of carry cases are proving extremely popular. With a Van Nuys case the need to rubber strap two units together is deprecated. That’s especially useful when one’s DAC/amp is smaller than one’s player.

Entering his setup into the Fujiya Avic show’s hobbyist competition is marketing manager Mr. Takamashi who spends at least two hours on Tokyo’s subway system each day. Bringing him aural satisfaction during his commute is a multi-brick system to end all multi-brick systems: two million Yen (US$20K), seven devices, one cooling fan and one soon-to-be custom case from Van Nuys.

Take five minutes to let that soak in as our Japanese earfreak talks us through his setup:

Further information: Van Nuys



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Written by John H. Darko

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  1. That is some serious bricklayer. Doubt whether you would end up with a count of seven after a ride on the Melbourne rail to Pakenham.

  2. US$20,000 ??? Either Tokyo’s subway system is much safer than those here in the US, or that Takamashi-san is one tough dude. 🙂

  3. Like so much of the High End, this one is definitely over the top ENC.

    Regardless, rest assured that it was a fun read. Thanks!