ELAC celebrate 90th anniversary with Miracord 90 turntable


munich_2016Germany’s ELAC are best known for their loudspeakers nowadays but did you know they once manufactured turntables? According to the company’s own website-hosted timeline, 1948 is the year ELAC’s first ‘table rolled off the production line in Kiel (north Germany), the first of a whopping four million. In 1956, ELAC, Dual and Perpetuum Ebner reportedly accounted for 90% of the world’s turntable supply.

This year ELAC marks its 90th anniversary with a brand new turntable. Launched at the High-End Show in Munich, the Miracord 90 is a break from the norm in a multitude of senses (especially visual). And who better to introduce the new model than the German company’s latest audio celebrity hire, Andrew Jones (technically of ELAC Americas).

Joining the dots between the German manufacturer’s loudspeakers and the Miracord 90 is the spider used to decouple the motor from its mounting. Elsewhere, we see a plinth cut from layered MDF; a ruby bearing (second only to diamond as the hardest material on earth); switch-mode-brick juiced DC motor with electronic speed control; +-7% speed variation; belt drive; custom cartridge from Audio Technica and a 6.5kg machined aluminium platter.

And then there are the extremely adventurous colour options: green, pink and red augment the traditional black, white and mahogany wood-effect variants, each of which are wrapped with an aluminium trim.

No word yet on availability but pricing is expected to land in the €2000 region.

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