February 2016

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  • IQaudIO introduce Roon Ready Raspberry Pi DAC, amplifier

    Talkin’ ‘bout a revolution. On 29th February 2012 the UK’s Raspberry Pi Foundation launched its first product, the eponymous Raspberry Pi PC board, designed primarily to promote computer science skills in UK schools and developing countries. The v1 Pi arrived as a smartphone-sized bare board to which the end use would add storage media, power […]

  • Ch-ch-ch-ch changes (turn and face the strange)

    UPDATE 29th February: And we’re live with the new look DAR! A new dawn. Tomorrow, a fresh look and feel comes to DAR; the changes will go way deeper than just the cosmetics of the UI. You can expect to see faster page loads times, deeper integration with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and better […]

  • Audiophile-grade streaming with the AURALiC Aries Mini

    It’s a little like the 1950/60’s TV show To Tell the Truth – would the real AURALiC Aries Mini please step forward? This Chinese company’s entry-level streamer wears many hats. That’s good news in a product category where functionality often matters as much – if not more than – sound quality alone. Many an end user will […]

  • UPDATED! Your right of reply has gone bye bye (for now)

    UPDATE 1st March 2016: The hiatus is over. Reader comments are once again fully functional across the site.   An increase in visitor traffic has seen DAR outgrow its current home and during the past 24 hours the site has been relocated to a new web host. Already in the bag is a significant increase in page load times. Lost along […]

  • Chord Electronics Mojo: lost & found

    October 2015. How to launch an audio product? Announce first and then dispatch review units once the initial hooplah begins to tail off? Or issue review units ahead of launch date and have the ensuing coverage serve as its own proof of life, hopefully piling on the praise, once the embargo lifts? For the introduction of their Mojo […]

  • PS Audio launch DirectStream Junior FPGA DAC w/ streamer

    FPGA. Field programmable gate array. Without code, it’s nothing. With Ted Smith code it’s a D/A converter for PS Audio. The (DAR-KO Awarded) DirectStream’s talents in unearthing music’s inner-spaciousness but with nary a sign of transient etch or glare made it the go to DAC for those migrating from vinyl to digital for the first time or […]

  • Sonore Sonicorbiter SE: a $300 Roon Endpoint (and more)

    For many users, Roon starts life on a single machine – a PC or Mac hooked up to a DAC over USB. Lifting sound quality to the next level might see a USB-S/PDIF converter (e.g. Audiophilleo or Resonessence Labs Concero), USB filter (e.g. AudioQuest JitterBug) or USB re-clocker (e.g. Schiit Wyrd, Wyred4Sound Recover or UpTone Regen) applied. From there, perhaps a move […]

  • Futureshocked by the Devialet Silver Phantom (Part 2)

    The Phantom. Some say he’s indestructible; that he feels nothing. Others say beneath the fancy costume beats no heart, inked no soul. Are we talking original super hero, one who has no super powers but instead relies on intelligence and strength to defeat his foes? Or are we talking about the dinosaur-egg-shaped digital active loudspeaker […]

  • Master & Dynamic & Harrolds & headphones & you

    “Let’s get out of hifi,” said the industry observer. “What?!” snapped I. A false alarm rang in the distance. Not a conversation about a career switch up then but one concerning how best to move audio gear promotion/sales from the audio show treadmill and into the public eye. That was CES 2015. A year on from […]

  • Futureshocked by the Devialet Silver Phantom (Part 1)

    Shock the monkey. On display at the uptown end of high street in Paris’ Colette where Devialet enjoys a home turf advantage, the Phantom might not seem too out there: a funky-looking high-end wireless loudspeaker with wallet damage to match; one that promises “room filling sound” (don’t they all?) but possesses all the hallmarks of a […]