June 2015

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  • Cutting through wire and air: a visit to AudioQuest HQ

    When asked to mentally picture what goes on inside AudioQuest’s headquarters in Irvine, California, what do you see? Huge spools of cable turning slowly for the deft handiwork of desk-bound terminators? Or perhaps a brightly-lit, lab-coated environment where strips of cable are waved through flame and dipped in chemicals? I’ve met with AudioQuest employees all over the world – Boulder, Jersey […]

  • DAR prize giveaway #3: ALO International+ headphone amp/DAC

    Bricking it. To teenage minds, it’s the unfortunate – and one hopes metaphorical – side effect of being scared out of one’s wits. Urban Dictionary will clarify for those not up on time-old street lingo. In the land of portable audio, ‘bricking it’ means something entirely different. Rubber-strap a digital audio player to outboard amplifier or DAC (or both) […]

  • PS Audio introduce NuWave DSD DAC

    CPLD. “Can punch low down”? For Colorado’s PS Audio the past twelve months’ show promo has centred on the soon-to-be-released BHK Signature 250 power amplifier: 250wpc into 8 Ohms, 500wpc into 4 Ohms, 6922 tube input, MOSFET output, US$7499. BHK? Them be the initials of the amplifier chief designer Bascom H. King. A prototype handled the BHK Signature’s public […]

  • Roon review (Part 1 – Walking on the…)

    Relationships. They exist between hardware and user. Deploying a PC or Mac as a digital front end for a hi-fi system – it’s a compromise. Home computers don’t blend into the rack as well as single-use devices like CD players, music servers and streamers. The latter are seen as ill-affordable extravagances by the budget conscious buyer. As well […]

  • REDGUM remote control app for IR-blasting Android devices

    Shipping as standard with every REDGUM Audio amplifier is a credit-card-sized remote control. It’s slim-line and lightweight. Some users covet its resilience to being sat on or thrown across the room (or that it won’t break toes if dropped directly downwards). Others lament the cheap, plastic feel and its demands for firmer finger press. Until today, those […]

  • Tidal Hifi puts a CD store in your house

    Before I’m an audiophile I’m a music nut with a thirst for tunes new and old. In the 25 years since The The’s Infected first blew my adolescent hair back, that thirst has never run dry. Not once. I dabbled a little in the world vinyl before CDs took hold of the market place in the late […]

  • Meet the Editors: digitisation and colouration

    At T.H.E. Show Newport last month I sat on a “Meet The Editors” discussion panel. Roger Skoff handled the introductions: (from right to left): Dr. David Robison (Positive Feedback), Michael Fremer (Analog Planet, Stereophile), yours truly, Chris Connaker (Computer Audiophile) and – chairing – Robert Harley (The Absolute Sound). Attendees were initially shy with questions. What do you […]

  • CEntrance shrinks DACport down to DACport HD (neé Slim)

    Identity crisis. For a good while now I’ve been wondering what the CEntrance DACport was doing in terms of sales figures given that 1) it hadn’t seen a refresh since the volume nipple-less LX iteration in 2011 and 2) it had long since been leapfrogged in price and pocketability by the likes of LH Labs’ GeekOut […]

  • Spread Spectrum Technologies (SST) launches anew

    Long-time audio folk will no doubt recall (with more clarity than I) James Bongiorno’s wide and varied contributions to the world of amplifier design. As well as bringing his own models to market under the Great American Sound Co. (GAS) and Sumo brands, Bongiorno’s credits as contributing engineer to products from Dynaco, Marantz and Hadley […]

  • Ben Salter – The Stars My Destination 2CD giveaway

    Crown jewels. Hunched over a guitar in a dimly lit bar on a damp, humid evening stands Ben Salter. This could be any small bar in Australia on any given night of the week. Salter tours relentlessly, road-testing songs, often for months before committing them to the aspic encasement of a recording session. I nearly always catch […]

  • Apple Music launches to the sound of indifference

    “Artists and fans now have an incredible way to connect with one another directly in Apple Music with Connect. Through Connect, artists can share lyrics, backstage photos, videos or even release their latest song directly to fans directly from their iPhone. Fans can comment on or like anything an artist has posted, and share it […]