November 2014

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  • Touched Two: an epic electronica compilation for charity

    Download overload. If you’re a fan of the golden age of electronic music that was the mid-90s then you’re gonna wanna pay strict attention right now. Released via bandcamp not two days ago, Touched Two is a gargantuan compilation of 255 slabs of electronica, IDM and ambient techno from seasoned luminaries such as Autechre, Luke […]

  • ALO Audio introduce Studio Six partnering Phono Stage

    Do you like to spin vinyl? Do you like the ‘sound’ of tubes? Do you like listening to vinyl via tubes? What about listening to headphones powered by tubes with a vinyl front end? Such category funneling isn’t steep enough to capture the essence of the latest product to come trotting out of Portland’s ALO Audio stable. […]

  • Tidal streaming comes to Logitech Squeezebox and AURALiC Aries

    Squeezebox owners have been through a lot of uncertainty these past couple of years, not least because Logitech abruptly pulled the pin on the Squeezebox Touch in 2012. That ~$300 streamer was arguably one of the highest value digital audio products of all time and they’re predictably now fetching pretty pennies on the used market. Left […]

  • Astell&Kern AK120 II review

    Powerplays. Eyeing up a pair of Abyss AB-1266? You’re going to need a dedicated headphone amplifier that can do them righteous justice. Invariably that means power and lots of it. It’s a similar story for Hifiman homeboys, Sennheiser HD800 seducers and Beyerdynamic T1 toyers. Satisfaction is unlikely to come from the headphone output thrown in […]

  • KIH #18 – Product vs. Marketing

    Attending audio shows creates opportunities. Some of those involve sitting down for extended chats, perhaps over a quick lunch or an after-hours dinner. It’s during such times that a curious journo can learn things about the industry which go beyond raw product and deal with the way business is done. At the recent Warsaw Audio […]

  • Merrill’s Taranis is another attainable Hypex NCore amplifier

    Taranis (Celtic God of Thunder). That’s the name of Merrill Wettasinghe’s new, more affordable Hypex Ncore power amplifier. Wettasinghe’s goal? Audio purity. US$2500 brings home a stereo amplifier that punches 400wpc into 8 Ohms and 600wpc into 4 Ohms. Those are some big numbers for this price point. But that’s not the only reason for props. […]

  • Resonessence Labs spill specifics on Herus+ DAC

    The Resonessence Labs Herus has long been championed around these parts for its ability to play nice with iDevices, power thirstier headphones as well as pack full-size USB and 1/4″ headphone sockets. Few dingus DACs can manage all three – the Herus earns the price premium over competing units from AudioQuest, LH Labs and HRT. The […]

  • KEF X300A Wireless powered loudspeaker review

    Said the audiophile to the hi-fi world, “We should break up. It’s not working. It’s not you, it’s me. I let you eat into my living space, my budget, my time. Enough is enough.”  Welcome to the obsessive-compulsive world of audiophillia where myriad possibilities often lead to choice paralysis and an attendant lack of satisfaction. The passive LS50 standmount might […]