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    KIH #15 – The lesser weevil

    It’s dinner in the officer’s mess of the Russell Crowe movie Master and Commander. Capt’n Jack Aubrey asks his trusted doctor friend Stephen Maturin: “Do you see those two weevils, doctor?” “I do.” “Which would you choose?” “Neither. There is not a scrap of difference between them. They are the same species of Curculio.“ “If […]

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    Improving iOS audio with the Resonessence Labs Herus USB DAC

    When comparing DSD and PCM versions of Steely Dan’s Gaucho some months ago it was the Resonessence Labs Herus DAC that made it happen. Back then, the Herus fronted a two-channel loudspeaker system and it sounded great. Its sonic personality could best be summarised as detailed, robust and punchy. The Herus’ abundance with acoustic mass is also what sets it […]

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    REDGUM Black Series RGi35ENR integrated amplifier review

    ‘Under promise, over deliver’. That’s always been REDGUM Audio’s primary motto – at least that’s the way I see it. On the wooden face of it, their key-locking entry-level RGi35 (AU$1100) is a no frills integrated amplifier, proudly made in the Dandenongs in country Victoria. It’s a dual mono design with which the user must […]

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    Improving iOS audio with the m2Tech hiFace USB DAC

    High, in your face. When Qobuz Hi-Fi streaming is handled by a smartphone with in-app offline listening cache the need to own lossless content is eroded. Money previously spent on download purchases can be re-directed into the subscription service itself and better playback hardware. Adding a portable amplifier/DAC to a smartphone lifts its sonic performance […]

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    Peachtree quietly introduce Nova65SE, Nova125SE, Nova220SE

    “Hi John, Guess who is jumping into the crowd-funding pool? Giving you and a few others a little extra heads up on this. I know, I usually suck at sending out press releases. Here’s a sneak peek. Campaign goes live noon EDT Monday. ATB, Jon” That’s Peachtree Audio’s self-proclaimed ‘Amabassador of Awesome’ Jonathan Derda owning […]

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    KIH #14 – Do It Yerself

    Do it yerself. For my interview, let’s. Q: How did you become a reviewer? A: I’m home-made. Having lived in the US when I started out, I had read all the usual suspects in the American hifi press. Reading a lot, one naturally gets influenced or patterned by how various writers approach the task. Osmosis […]

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    MrSpeakers Alpha Dog headphones review

    Up until fairly recently, headphone listening has by and large been a factor of necessary convenience for me: earbuds on the train, a pair of Grados for late night listening in a shared house, a pair of Sennheiser so I could watch TV whilst my husband listened to music on his own set of headphones. […]

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    LessLoss DFPC Original power cable(s) review

    Putting together a hi-fi system to one’s satisfaction can be a journey of seemingly never-ending steps, progression along which isn’t always linear. There are diversions and forks in the road to be taken. Some lead to dead ends, some don’t. It takes real world experience to discover whether or not a new amplifier or DAC will advance a […]

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    KIH #13 – Keeping an open mind vs. being taken for a fool

    Open mind versus snake oil. Most hifi reviewers are self-styled. What diploma from the international bar of audio reviewing do you think they hold? At heart and by formal training they’re hobbyists. They’re not engineers pencilling circuit schematics on bar napkins. If they were, they’d be working as such somewhere in hifi manufacturing. Which would […]

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    Keeping it honest with pricing is a global issue

    By its very nature this website is no more Australian than the fish that swim this island’s surrounding waters. Some fish are local, others are interlopers. Visitors click to Digital Audio Review from all over the world. A website insists on a global audience. However, living down under gives light to issues that might not prevail elsewhere. […]

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    Clones Audio 25i + Golden Ear Aon 3 = winner!

    Getting toned. The Clones 25i (€629) is a feisty, fruity-sounding 25wpc integrated. You can read my full review of the Clones 25i inside issue 63 of TONEAudio (P192) but I’ve since taken to some additional listening. We can’t necessarily refer to Clones Audio CEO, ‘Funjoe’, as this integrated’s designer. Instead, let’s call him implementer. This amplifier’s circuit is a direct descendent of […]