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munich_2014AFK. Away from keyboard. In May, DAR’s coverage will be a little different to the usual flow of news and reviews. I’m off around the world for four weeks to take in three different audiophile-related shows.

First stop will be this coming weekend’s Spring Fujiya Avic headphone festival in Tokyo followed by a leap over to Munich’s High End Show the weekend after – that’ll be a biggie. At the end of the month, four days in sunny Irvine, CA for T.H.E. Newport Beach Show before heading back to Sydney.

I’ll be trickling out a fair amount of incidental (show) coverage via DAR’s social media channels for which I recommend you follow DAR on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. (Yes, content will vary across all three).

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Right then – it’s showtime!

Written by John H. Darko

John lives in the NOW + HERE = NOWHERE. He derives an income from the ad revenues of DAR. John is also an occasional staff writer for Stereophile, 6moons and TONEAudio.

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  1. Nice!! Going to Fujiya Avic means you HAVE to get yourself a pair of FitEar customs. Also, if you see Fostex (either in Tokyo or Munich), tell em to hurry up with the T50rp successor. Oh, Munich on a weekend requires you checking out the Bob Beaman Club.

    Travel safe, mate.

  2. Hi John,

    Are you able to give some feedback on the Noble Audio K10’s (at THE Show) especially in comparison to the FitEar IEM’s?



    • I’ll try – I’ve just touched down in Irvine and will be gathering my thoughts later this afternoon. Hang tight.