November 2013

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  • Rega prep Saturn-R CD-DAC player

    Integration (not disintegration) – that’s the name of the game being played by the Brits at Rega. Their new Saturn-R is both CD player and DAC. The accommodation of external sources on the Saturn-R are handled by two optical inputs, two 75 Ohm coaxial inputs and a galvanically isolated, asynchronous XMOS USB input — each […]

  • KIH #1: Which components ‘keep it honest’?

    KIH. Some three-letter abbreviations are more obscure. Take KBO. Keep buggering on. Sir Winston Churchill is said to have been very fond of that one. Others are so commonplace, they’ve virtually replaced the spelled-out version. FYI, I just DIY my own funeral. LOL. For today I’d like to propose a new one. KIH. That’s not a mystical […]

  • DAR turns 3. Where is my mind?

    Digital Audio Review has just entered its fourth year of operation. We’re past the terrible twos and running into toddler territory. Channeling the Pixies, I ask: where is my mind? Darko on the darkside. 2013 was the year I tried to quit vinyl…but it just wouldn’t quit me. The force remains strong within. Know that […]

  • Audioengine introduce D3: a thumb-sized 24/96 DAC for US$189

    It’s getting cheaper and cheaper to hi-fi your computer. Audioengine join the super-portable DAC race with their new D3 – a thumb-sized USB DAC that direct connects to your PC or Mac, no USB cable required. Just like the Audioquest Dragonfly (US$249). The Audioengine D3 measures 19mm x 12mm x 6mm (including USB connector). However, $50 […]

  • Light Harmonic crowdfund another DAC: the Geek Pulse

    Crowdfunding a product isn’t a new concept but crowdfunding a hi-fi product’s development and manufacture certainly seems to be taking off. Remember The Orbit’s Kickstarter campaign from time last year? A sensibly-priced record player for the man in the street: matte black MDF plinth, tonearm and Ortofon Omega MM cartridge, all for US$150. That’s one […]

  • Pioneer SP-BS22-LR standmount loudspeaker review

    That home-theatre-channeled name: SP-BS22-LR. It’s dreadful. Thankfully, these budget standmounts from Pioneer are anything but. In fact, they’re a bit of a revelation. Here are ten reasons why*: 1. Price. US$130** from Best Buy stateside or AU$200 direct-delivered from Pioneer Australia. 2. Designed by Andrew Jones. Yes, the Andrew Jones of TAD (“Technical Audio Devices”) […]

  • Essence Hi-Def DAC w/ HDMI input for $699

    “If you liked the NAD M51 DAC at $2K, you’ll be impressed with a device that does much the same for $699, enjoy.”, read Bob Rapoport’s email introducing his new DAC: the Essence Hi-Def Audio Control Center. Let’s go with HDACC for short. Essence are better known for electrostatics, not DACs. What gives? “Blu-ray is recognized […]

  • (Not) a review of the Schiit Loki DSD DAC

    This week I’ve been filling my boots with a) Arcade Fire’s new double-disc’d Reflektor b) the Suede vinyl box set and and c) some of Lou Reed’s back catalogue, of which Magic And Loss and New York are my favs. Not an atypical week in this hi-fi reviewer’s music-loving life. Last week it was Boards […]