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Onkyo HF Player + Resonessence Labs Herus = iOS DSD

Onkyo’s HF Player is a free digital audio app capable of hi-res audio playback – PCM up to 24bit/192kHz and DSD – but only if you spill AU$10.49 on the ‘HD Player Pack’ in-app upgrade. (If not, the Onkyo HF player still satisfies with some serious EQ-ing functionality.)

And then I saw this in the Onkyo press release: “DSD-IFF and DSF formats are converted to PCM before playback”.  Sigh. Just like the Astell&Kern players then…

…not so fast! The Onkyo app sports an option for DoP DSD output. If you have a DoP-compliant DAC that can talk to an iPhone, you’re in native DSD business.


With the Resonessence Labs Herus (CA$350) being able to a) extract digital audio via a Lightning connected iPhone 5/5S/5C and b) decode DSD over DoP, the Onkyo app paves the way for native, around-town DSD playback on yr iPhone.  Great news for Shelby Lynne fans!

The small print reveals the Onkyo HF Player app is optimised for iPhone 5.  It’ll run on iOS 6 or iOS 7. More info can be found in the Onkyo press release here.

Further information: Onkyo | Resonessence Labs | Addicted To Audio

Written by John H. Darko

John H. Darko

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  1. Herus confirmed as working with CCK on iPhone 4 and with OTG cable on Samsung Galaxy S3. No dice though on a Google Nexus 5.

  2. good day,
    as per the release notes:

    Audio with a sampling rate exceeding 88.2 kHz output via the iPod touch/iPhone/iPad headphone connection is downsampled to 44.1 kHz.

    thus, if ALAC is 88.2 or less,
    no downsampling,
    thank you,

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