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  • onkyoHF

    Onkyo HF Player + Resonessence Labs Herus = iOS DSD

    Onkyo’s HF Player is a free digital audio app capable of hi-res audio playback – PCM up to 24bit/192kHz and DSD – but only if you spill AU$10.49 on the ‘HD Player Pack’ in-app upgrade. (If not, the Onkyo HF player still satisfies with some serious EQ-ing functionality.) And then I saw this in the […]

  • lightspeed_USB_4

    Light Harmonic LightSpeed USB cable meta-review

    Call me a coward if you like but I’ve been holding out on writing this post. Reviewing cables tends to attract a lot of unless-you-prove-it-with-a-double-blind-test-your-conclusions-are-invalid comments. Having said that, I was encouraged by the reader civility that met my previous cable review, that of Mike Morrow’s MAP-1. But that was for a power cable that sells […]

  • DSC_3610 (1)

    RMAF 2013 – Day Three highlights

    [Mal Kenney’s final slab of RMAF coverage. And what a slab.] Astell&Kern Portable marque Astell&Kern grabbed themselves a real room this year to show of some not-quite-there yet products. On display were prototype A&K Speakers ($TBA), a prototype preamp ($TBA), and a prototype amplifier ($TBA). These were fed by a well-docked AK120 for a wholly […]

  • rmaf_day2_main

    RMAF 2013 – Day Two highlights

    [Mal Kenney takes us through his second day at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Audio Festival – Ed] Grimm Audio Studio heroes Grimm Audio are bringing their active monitors to the hifi realm. DSP crossovers, class D amps, and seamless integration meant that there wasn’t a more incisive system on offer at the show. Forty Grand […]

  • rmaf_2013_day1

    RMAF 2013 – Day One highlights

    [A head-fi/hifi expedition in Tokyo and the Australian Audio and AV show in Melbourne precluded my attendance at this year’s RMAF. Instead, DAR’s Portlandian correspondent Mal Kenney  fills us up on what went down – John Darko] Bel Canto Design Bel Canto stopped making their giant amps a few years ago and their name has […]

  • alo_studio_six_main

    ALO Studio Six headphone amplifier review

    A waggish reviewer buddy recently observed: “So, here’s the problem with headphones. How do you lure a girl back to your room with the promise of a Django Reinhardt album? And what the hell will you do if she actually wants to hear it? Music is a social activity. No set of cans can give [you] […]

  • e-earphone_store_640_300

    Headphoning in Tokyo (Part 2: V-Moda & e-earphone)

    I was in Tokyo wearing a consumer hat, in search of my next commuter headphone. The brief: closed back ‘phones that could be driven by an AK120 and iPhone 4 for $300ish. They needed to be able to withstand backpack travel too. On the previous day in Shinjuku, the Sennheiser Momentum had displayed serious mettle […]

  • Sony-PHA-2_front

    Sony announce portable PHA-2 DAC/headphone-amp

    The market for iDevice-piggy-backing DAC/head-amps is really hotting up. I last mentioned Sony’s PHA-1 alongside Cypher Labs’ Theorem and CEntrance’s HiFi-M8 but its 24bit/96kHz decoding ceiling and comparatively weaker power output pegged it third in a three horse race. This week Sony paper-launch* the all-new PHA-2. Like its American rivals, you can digitally feed the […]

  • atc_scm_new_main

    ATC launch revised SCM7 and SCM11 standmounts

    British manufacturer ATC have given their entry-level standmount loudspeakers a thorough once over. The SCM7 MKIII and SCM11 MKII have seen significant revisions, both inside and out. Gone is the stepped baffle of old, replaced by a more traditional front face with sides that curve toward the rear.  These new SCM7 and SCM11 are also […]