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  • wyred4sound_mAMP_main

    Wyred4Sound mAMP review (Part 1 – Direct Digital)

    Amplifier standards buzzing around the $2k price point are neatly base-lined (for this reviewer) by the REDGUM RGi60 – a hitherto personal favourite with both Magnepan’s MMG and KEF’s LS50. It’s an integrated that’s scopious, refined, smooth and urbane whilst retaining an ability to deliver on time and under budget when it comes to dynamics […]

  • Resonessence_Labs_Herus_main

    Resonessence Labs HERUS: an ultra-portable DSD DAC

    Resonessence Labs this week officially launches its teeny-tiny HERUS DAC / headphone amplifier; its machined aluminium enclosure fits in the palm of your hand. However, the big news is that the HERUS decodes DXD/DSD and sells for CA$350, making it possibly the lowest cost PORTABLE native DSD decoder to date. Outputting up to 2.4V from […]

  • ALO-The-International-box

    iPhone 5 + iOS 7 talks digital to ALO Audio International

    No, ALO Audio’s International isn’t new and no it hasn’t seen any updates.  It’s still a handheld DAC and headphone amplifying combo unit.  It still promises 8-10 hours of the on-the-go DAC+amp action between charges. It still handles both single-ended and balanced connections. Its internal DAC still deals up to 24bit/96kHz. It’s still available in […]

  • jaguar_audio_design_rtos

    Jaguar Audio Design launch audiophile Linux OS

    Darin Forkenbrock of Jaguar Audio Design has announced the availability of his RTOS v1.0, a Linux operating system for audiophiles.  RealTime audio capability is baked right into the kernel; the processes that control audio playback are given priority over (nearly) all others. In essence: audio activity is not interrupted by non-audio activity. On paper at […]

  • astell&kern_ak120_4

    On the beach: Astell&Kern AK120 review

    “I don’t like the summertime cause everyone goes to the beach, I don’t understand the beach. Lets go to the beach, Oh, I love the summertime, it’s so warm finally, lets go to the beach, oooooh… I don’t get it. It’s where dirt meets water, alright? I’ve got a bathtub and an imagination; I’m staying […]

  • C-Ear_X_IEM_main

    At the gym: C-Ear X custom-moulded IEM review

    The music we listen to behind headphones is private before it is personal. And private audio roughly subdivides into two areas: 1) In the home, at the office or staying in a hotel there is desk space upon which you can spread out your tablet/laptop, DAC, headphone amplifier and headphones. Your headphones can be as […]

  • Concero_HP_main

    Resonessence Labs Concero HP & Concero HD in review

    The HRT microStreamer is a close-to-ideal portable headphone/DAC solution. It’s small enough for planes, trains and automobiles. Better still, it plays nicely with Apple’s iPad (coverage of which will arrive sometime in October). However, this pocket-rocket has two ‘limitations’: 1) it’s a bit thin/spindly-sounding with my favourite budget headphones, the AKG K-702 and 2) it […]

  • stoddard_moffat

    Schiit Loki adds DSD to your existing DAC for US$149

    DSD for all. Check out the Schiit-y smiles that say “DSD for US$149”!  Look more closely and you’ll see a strange mix of cynicism and mischief plastered across Messrs Stoddard and Moffat’s faces. The Schiit guys were one of several manufacturers at the 2013 T.H.E. Newport Beach Show bemused by the audiophile public’s increasing demand […]

  • KEF_M500_b4

    On the road: KEF M500 headphones and HRT microStreamer

    Whilst on this portable audio jag – kick-started by the stunning Astell&Kern duo – I’ve been contemplating (again) the pragmatists choice for a portable head-fi rig: headphones and DAC/head-amp to take on holiday or on a business trip. In this context, portability and durability are just as important as holding fast to an audiophile mandate.  As is keeping […]

  • Theorem_Product_0005

    CEntrance HiFi-M8 or Cypher Labs Theorem 720 DAC?

    [UPDATE August 2014: The Cypher Labs Theorem 720 DAC is reviewed here.] T.H.E Show Newport Beach, June 2013. At the CEntrance stand in The Headphonium, former CEntrance and HRT employee Michael Mercer plonked his Sony PHA-1 (US$599) next to the then soon-to-be-launched CEntrance HiFi-M8 (US$699) for a photo opportunity. Each sports a DAC and headphone amplifier housed […]