August 2013

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  • astell&kern_newport_beach_AK120

    Astell&Kern AK120 vs HRT, CEntrance, Resonessence Labs

    It’s not easy trying to hit a moving target. Things are advancing so swiftly with iRiver’s software development team that new features are being firmware-d onto their Astell&Kern players, slowly closing the spec-sheet gap between the AK100 and its bigger brother, the AK120.  Such is the frequency of iRiver’s feature updates that reviewers are struggling […]

  • Precision1-2

    Audio-gd Precision 1 integrated/headphone amplifier

    I receive a steady trickle of emails asking which loudspeakers I recommend for less than $500. Invariably I respond with a hat-tip toward the Usher S-520 (reviewed here, ~AU$300)… …said reader then replies with a “Which amp, bro?”. The Ushers like LOTS of go juice (current) and until it was discontinued last year I gave […]

  • audion300Bkt120

    A tale of two Audion amplifiers – KT120 and 300B

    Audion’s Australian distributor has been bugging me to check out their Silver Night 300B ever since I unearthed the drive and beauty found at the heart of the EL34 Sterling Anniversary amplifier (reviewed here). “If you think that’s good – you wait till you hear the 300B!”, enthused Kirkham, echoing the sentiments expressed by Audion’s […]

  • youareadj_zu

    You are a DJ – you are what you play

    As I write, 2013’s California Audio Show has just wrapped. Tickets for The Chester Group’s Australian AV and Audio Show have just gone on sale and I’m looking forward to my third successive Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. Hifi shows are great fun because the people – exhibitors and attendees – are passionate about good […]

  • AK100_ML

    Astell&Kern AK100 w/ Martin Logan Mikros 90 review

    Awareness. Did you know Martin Logan made headphones? Until receiving this review pair for baselining the (forthcoming) KEF M500 review, I didn’t. The Mikros 90 are ML’s on-ear, noise isolating model (AU$399). There’s also the Mikros 70 in-ear ‘phones. In Brisbane there’s a hifi retailer who (pro)claims that he sells “Gentlemen’s amplifiers”. Hmmmm. It’s snobbery […]