Elijah Audio announce Katoen interconnect


You might be familiar with the name Elijah Audio. They’re the South Australian company behind the Isoolate BL and BPM USB cables/solutions. You know the ones: they silence your computer’s USB power feed at port, allowing only data through.  You then pump in a cleaner 5 volts  from battery pack  [Aldi or KingRex] or the power-only output of iFi’s iUSBPower. The cleaner the power that reaches your DAC’s USB input, the better it will sound. This isn’t BS or voodoo – it’s real and it works.

Colourful cables, colour-free sound. That’s the marketing message behind Elijah Audio’s new Katoen interconnect.

Audience OCC copper wire, cryo-d and then wrapped in tight cotton tubing with a double outer cotton layer. All cotton is hand-dyed. Purple, orange, green or red are currently available.

“Peter Belt has been making very unusual sound improvement products in the UK since the early 80’s. I have several of his products which I apply to each individual cable part, before, during and after the build”, says Michael at Elijah Audio.

A one metre pair terminated with Eichmann Cu Bullets will run you US$220. The Neutrik XLR terminated version sells for US$250.

All cables are available for 60-day home trial.

Further information: Elijah Audio 

Written by John H. Darko

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  1. Just ordered Woo Audio WSD-1 Dac. Thinking I might have to invest in the Neutrix XLR. Win 8 – JRiver MC18/JPlay – ? – Creek Evo 50a – Neutrix XLR – Woo Audio WSD-1 – ? Magnepan MMG’s. (Hoping you can fill in the ?). Thanks John. Regards Bill

  2. Hi Bill, I guess one of the ?’s would have to be a USB cable between server/PC and the new Woo Audio WSD
    Win 8/Jplay -> Quad Braid Mk3 -> Woo Audio WSD 1 ->Katoen XLR -> Creek Evo 50a
    Just a suggestion 🙂
    Michael ( Elijah Audio)