July 2013

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  • Astell&Kern ready AK100/AK120 docking stand

    I was chatting with George Poutakidis of Melbourne’s Addicted To Audio yesterday. (Full disclosure in case you missed the banner ad to the right: A2A are a DAR site sponsor). I was teasing him about the number of brands he now distributes/sells down under – far more than any other digital audio focussed retailer in […]

  • Emotiva Pro launch Stealth DC-1 DAC/pre-amplifier

    A digital pre-amplifier with analogue input and headphone amplifier? Where have we seen this recently? Oh yes, the Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC. Emotiva Pro’s new Stealth DC-1 DAC looks like it will pack a similar functional punch for half the moulah. The operational similarities between it and the Mytek unit are arresting  (a good thing): Headphone […]

  • The loneliness of the digital audiophile…

    For every ten people that bought a record today there is a writer somewhere in the world penning a piece on the resurgence of vinyl, within which they pontificate on the how and the why. Many diss digital audio in order to play up the romantic associations older listeners might have with records. I tried […]

  • Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC review

    Designed in USA, Made in Poland. Founder and chief designer of New York’s Mytek Digital – Michal Jurewicz – has been designing digital audio products for twenty years. After graduating with a Masters degree in electrical engineering in Warsaw, Jurewicz initially moved to the USA to work at the Hit Factory recording studio.  He then […]

  • PS Audio prep NuWave Phono Converter [DSD/PCM ADC]

    If you’ve been thinking about creating vinyl rips – having a dog and then barking yourself – PS Audio might have you covered with a VERY interesting analogue-digital crossover product. Soft-launched on the PS Audio forums in late May, the NuWave Phono Converter (NPC) is both dedicated phono pre-amp (analogue output) and ADC (digital output). […]

  • Oliver Lieb slowly reissuing L.S.G. catalogue via Bandcamp

    My favourite post-club album of the mid-90s was L.S.G.’s Rendezvous In Outer Space. No question. Back then, the X-Files was riding high on BBC2 and electronic music was often infused with imagery of aliens (Eat Static, The Orb), industrial decay (Future Sound of London), space exploration (Timeshard, The Black Dog, Speedy J) and all-round weirdness (Boards […]

  • When should you use a USB to S/PDIF converter?

    This week I added USB-S/PDIF converters and S/PDIF re-clockers to the Darko DAC Index. I’ve had direct experience with a number of these now and it’ll come as no surprise that some are better than others. Some are more expensive than others too so my star rating attempts to capture that old standard: bang-for-buck. I’ve […]

  • Elijah Audio announce Katoen interconnect

    You might be familiar with the name Elijah Audio. They’re the South Australian company behind the Isoolate BL and BPM USB cables/solutions. You know the ones: they silence your computer’s USB power feed at port, allowing only data through.  You then pump in a cleaner 5 volts  from battery pack  [Aldi or KingRex] or the […]