Omega Loudspeakers introduce Super 3T desktop loudspeaker

omega 3t desktop

Louis Chochos has taken his budget-friendly single-driver Omega Super 3T standmount and transmogrified it for use on to the desktop.  A longer front spike ensures the sound is better angled toward the ear and the (rear) port has been moved to the bottom of the cabinet so that positioning close to rear walls won’t mess with lower frequencies.  Having reviewed both the Super 6XRS and Hoyt Bedford Type I, I would assume the Super 3Ts also image beautifully.  Little wonder then that the Omega Loudspeaker website copy runs freely with the word ‘disappear’.

omega super 3t desktop bottom

Pricing of the Super 3T desktop is very similar to its standmount brother.  Laminates finishes keep the cost to a bare minimum – US$595/pair – whilst real wood veneers (cherry and walnut) bump the price to US$795/pair.

Further information: Omega Loudspeakers

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  1. Hello John,

    The cabinet on the Super 3T Desktop is also 1.5 inches narrower than the stand mount Super 3T.