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  • naksa80_4

    Aspen NAKSA 80 amplifier review

    Fully sick. This amplifier very nearly didn’t come to market. Its Australian designer, Hugh Dean, is a man who went through a lot in 2012: his abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) led to twenty-nine days in a coma, during which time he also suffered a stroke. At one point doctors gave Dean a five percent chance […]

  • NAD_D_3020

    NAD launch ‘next generation’ D 3020 amplifier

    [EDIT Jan 2014: the NAD D 3020 has been reviewed here.] “Thirty twenty”. A most common utterance when NAD comes up in hifi conversation; it was the integrated that brought audiophillia to thousands upon thousands of households. The NAD 3020 was – and is – a quintessential piece of everyman hi-fi.  I own one.  It’s a […]

  • Mirus_main

    Resonessence Labs ready INVICTA Mirus DAC

    Remember Resonessence Labs’ INVICTA – their statement DAC and headphone amplifier?  Refresh your memory with Michael Lavorgna’s review at Audiostream and Srajan Ebaen’s coverage over at 6Moons.  You’ll note from the picture below that Mark Mallinson’s team have added DSD support to new and existing INVICTA owners (via a field-flashable firmware upgrade).  DSD, DXD, PCM 352.8kHz and PCM […]

  • vega_part3

    AURALiC Vega review (Part 3 – vs. Metrum Hex, 6Moons)

    My final thoughts on AURALiC’s Vega have just gone up on 6Moons. Make no mistake – this is one fine-, fine-sounding DAC.  It gives the listener far more aural satisfaction than DACs swimming in the budget end of the market (say, <$1000).  For a similar cash drop, the Metrum Hex is capable of pulling up alongside. […]

  • omega 3t desktop

    Omega Loudspeakers introduce Super 3T desktop loudspeaker

    Louis Chochos has taken his budget-friendly single-driver Omega Super 3T standmount and transmogrified it for use on to the desktop.  A longer front spike ensures the sound is better angled toward the ear and the (rear) port has been moved to the bottom of the cabinet so that positioning close to rear walls won’t mess […]

  • wyred4sound_mINT_vs_Peachtree_Nova125_main

    Wyred4Sound mINT vs Peachtree Nova125 – a review of sorts

    As an appetizer to this stand off, I suggest you first devour two slices of dedicated Wyred4Sound mINT review commentary from 6Moons (where it summarily dismisses the Bel Canto C5i) and TONEAudio (where TWO writers dig and find gold). Also check out Sam Tellig’s words on the Peachtree Nova125 at Stereophile.  My coverage isn’t a straight up […]

  • burson_timekeeper

    Burson Audio set to launch Timekeeper power amplifier

    I first saw the Burson Timekeeper on static display at RMAF 2012’s CanJam.  Six months later and it looks like Burson are getting ready for the official launch of their statement amplifier. I asked the guys at Burson if any internal changes had been made since the Denver sighting. “R&D has made some improvements since […]

  • zudenon

    Value perception in hi-fi

    Before I’m a reviewer, I’m a consumer. I always attempt to thread my customer-oriented thoughts through my hi-fi commentary. For me, it keeps things real. I never want to lose sight of the opportunity cost of spending $3k on a new DAC. That’s an overseas holiday that I’m foregoing. I don’t review anything that I […]