February 2013

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  • teamwu

    Woo Audio WA7 ‘Fireflies’ lands down under

    The awkwardly named Woo Audio WA7 ‘Fireflies’ looks like it has dropped into Australia earlier than expected. There aren’t too many DAC/head-amp combos that really tickle my fancy but Jack Wu’s (picture above, right) latest is surely one of them. A matched pair of Sovtek 6C45, Class A, single-ended headphone stage married to a 32/192 asynchronous […]

  • strangers

    Strangers From Now On (ATP: I’ll Be Your Mirror, Melbourne)

    You shouldn’t need “man up” to “get through” a festival, not least when you’ve dropped $250 on a two-day ticket. But that’s exactly what was called for when attending last weekend’s sweatbox that was Melbourne’s ATP: I’ll Be Your Mirror. Actually, it wasn’t in Melbourne, it was in Altona, 10kms from the city centre and […]

  • magnepanMMG_DAR_peachtree_nova125_b7

    Peachtree Audio Nova125 w/ Magnepan MMG (6Moons) review

    My first slice of Magnepan MMG budget amplifier coverage is now up on the ‘Moons. First, a bit of backstory. Peachtree Audio’s iDecco was a killer unit for a grand. Style AND substance (as long as your loudspeakers offered a reasonably efficient load). The iNova was its bigger, badder brother. It too demonstrated an abundance of […]

  • grave_science_digital_interconnect_3

    Grave Science introduce ‘special edition’ digital interconnect

    I like backing small-time players, particularly when they pull on a sense of patriotism. South Australia’s Peter Graves has introduced a ‘special edition’ digital interconnect; only available as a limited run due to supply material constraints. I’ve already snagged one. The core is solid 23AWG silver-plated copper (made in the USA) and Teflon insulated.  A […]

  • Hate Songs

    Do you know any hate songs we could sing?

    “Hey pretty baby, Do you know any hate songs, Do you know any hate songs we could sing?” – Stephen Jones (BabyBird) As a reviewer, I mostly adopt an upbeat manner when writing about music and the hardware that makes it happen. As a person, I’m usually pretty happy and content. Not this week though. […]