Music Hall refreshments at CES 2013

Lagavulin 16 yrs single malt

If you find yourself in need of urgent refreshment – both in conversation and in blood flow – go pay Roy Hall a visit. Alongside Leland Leard, he’ll be demo-ing the following whisky in Room 29-319 at The Venetian:

  • Lagavulan 16, Lagavulan 16 Double Matured
  • Glenburnie 18, Macallan 15 Fine Oak.
  • Springbank 15, Talisker Distilers Edition Double Matured
  • Ardbeg 10


There’ll be some hi-fi gear there too. The Music Hall room is a favourite budget audiophiles for good reason: bang for buck is rarely higher elsewhere. Looks like a whole host of new products for 2013, including a record cleaning machine. Wowsers.

  • Music Hall Ikura turntable
  • Music Hall Mmf11.1 turntable
  • Music Hall Wcs-2 Record Cleaning Machine
  • Dared headphone amplifier
  • Mic Audio power conditioners
  • Creek Evolution 50A integrated amplifier

Here’s hoping the Music Hall Marimba standmounts are also on show. As Roy Hall himself proclaimed (at last year’s RMAF) they were “designed by a fucking genius”.   Be warned: the language in the Music Hall room can often stray beyond PG-13.

Further information:  Music Hall

Written by John H. Darko

John lives in the NOW + HERE = NOWHERE. He derives an income from the ad revenues of DAR. John is also an occasional staff writer for Stereophile, 6moons and TONEAudio.

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  1. I wouldn’t buy anything from that guy regardless of how good it is. I don’t see how his cocky attitude can be good for business.

  2. I own one of his turntables and works and sounds great. Roy is a welcome relief from the boring suit type now dominating the CES world. Instead of thinking that he is cocky, just think it is a rowdy sense of humor.

  3. Roy seems to have allot of haters out there but I have owned two Music Hall turntables and he has been nothing but helpful to me. Maybe I’m used to lots of F bombs since I live in Boston but his language doesn’t offend me. Last time I talked to him we had a very pleasant 15 min conversation. I wish I could afford the new MMF 11.1 but I’m very interested to see what the new Ikura has to offer along with the new RCM.