January 2013

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  • schiit_modi_1

    Schiit Audio Modi 24/96 DAC review

    As a reviewer I like to keep abreast of what peers and colleagues cover AND how they cover it. I try to read as much as possible from fellow writers over at 6Moons and TONEAudio as well as the always excellent Audiostream. Doing so pushes me to become a better writer. Over the past few years, such […]

  • ifi_iusbpower_1

    AMR / iFi iUSBPower review

    What must the digital audiophile bat away at source?  Two long-time adversaries: 1) jitter and 2) electrical noise both emanate from your computer transport or streaming device.  2) feeds back into 1).  These insidious twin menaces must be tamed for optimal sound reproduction. Case in point:  the Squeezebox Touch’s jitter measurements are more than respectable so […]

  • Red Wine Audio Renaissance Editions

    Red Wine Audio launch Renaissance Editions

    I’ve often thought that Red Wine Audio components look particularly outstanding when travelling in pairs. Earlier this year I enjoyed the Signature 15 partnered with the Ginevra phono stage. The two together cut quite the aesthetic (and sonic) stride. Head RWA Chef Vinnie Rossi has now upped the ante with Renaissance Editions of (nearly) his […]

  • Lagavulin 16 yrs single malt

    Music Hall refreshments at CES 2013

    If you find yourself in need of urgent refreshment – both in conversation and in blood flow – go pay Roy Hall a visit. Alongside Leland Leard, he’ll be demo-ing the following whisky in Room 29-319 at The Venetian: Lagavulan 16, Lagavulan 16 Double Matured Glenburnie 18, Macallan 15 Fine Oak. Springbank 15, Talisker Distilers […]

  • invicta

    Resonessence Labs INVICTA software update brings DSD playback

    Resonessence Labs have announced that DSD playback will soon be available on their flagship INVICTA DAC. Units that ship after 14th January 2013 will be equipped with version 4.0.0 of the Resonessance software which allows for DSD playback over USB and via the SD card reader. Existing users can download version 4.0.0 from the software […]

  • qa01_2

    QLS Hifi QA01: DDC and ADC for less than $70

    Remember the QA100 digital amplifier from little know Chinese manufacturer QLS Hifi?  Now comes the QA01, a DDC and an ADC rolled into one matchbox unit. In itself this is impressive enough but when you learn the price you’ll be scrambling for your PayPal account. US$62. No, that’s not a typo. Sixty-two bucks. The QA01 is unlikely to […]

  • powerbase1

    PS Audio begin shipping PerfectWave PowerBase

    I’ve not seen much written about this so I thought I’d give it a nudge. PS Audio have expanded their PerfectWave line of DAC and Player to include something quite unusual: the PerfectWave PowerBase is both isolation platform and power conditioner combined in one rather sleek-looking unit. It’s hand-made right there in Boulder, Colorado. The […]

  • sotm

    S.O.t.M. to debut DSD-capable DAC/pre-amplifier at CES 2013

    S.O.t.M. = Soul Of the Music. I won’t be in Las Vegas next week but South Korea’s S.O.t.M. is set to demonstrate a brand new combination DAC and pre-amplifier at this year’s CES. The sDP-1000 DAC/Pre-amp supports up to 32bit/192khz PCM as well as the (supposed) next hot thing: native DSD. It’s a fully balanced […]