Giant Giant Sand live in Portland, Oregon


I don’t think I’ve played ANY album more this year than Giant Giant Sand’s Tucson: A Country Rock Opera. Country rock is exactly how it sounds…only without the opera. Imagine a Tom Waits / Johnny Cash lovechild record and you’d be halfway there. Howe Gelb is a legend.  Lonna Kelley’s sporadic vocal turns gently blow the latter half of the record into ‘audiophile music’ territory.  Fans of Krall/Barber would be enamoured.

Check out ‘Detained’ from the album here and Lonna Kelley playing live with Giant Sand (just prior to the line-up and band name expansion) here.

In early October I caught Giant Giant Sand live at Mississippi Studios (great venue) in Portland, OR and I’ve penned a review of what went down for Issue #50 of TONEAudio.

Go here to download your FREE .pdf. The Giant Giant Sand piece starts on P16.

Written by John H. Darko

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