November 2012

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  • heed_audio_enigma5_5

    Heed Audio Enigma 5 loudspeaker review

    “Your eyes are bigger than your belly, son.”   That’s what my old man used to say to me as a kid: I’d piled (too much) food onto my plate and then failed to finish it all. He was right. This is easily done in hi-fi-fantasy land too. I have an experienced audiophile buddy whose medium-sized […]

  • pinkmoonnickdrake

    Nick Drake Pink Moon box set delivers unexpected 24/96 downloads?

    Whilst all the turntable heads are losing their shit over Nick Drake’s Pink Moon re-issue (and rightly so), digital audiophiles are scoring an even greater victory under the table. This 2012 deluxe edition box of Pink Moon contains an audiophile pressing as well as lyric sheets and a poster. The box also contains download codes for […]

  • idac_ifi

    AMR’s iFi Micro range features iUSBPower and iDAC

    i Stands for interactive, Fi for fidelity. These are the fruits of a joint venture between iFi Micro and Abbingdon Music Research (AMR).  The iFi Micro products feature Reagan-esque ‘trickle-down’ from AMR’s higher-end technology. The iFi iDAC (AU$349) seems interesting enough. There’s an ESS Sabre chipset (presumably 9023?) in a small-ish case with both line […]

  • music_millenium

    DAR Turns 2 – What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

    Digital Audio Review has just stumbled into its third year of operation. It’s always a tough time of year this, getting over the post-US trip fallout (swindled by Dollar Car Rental…again) and following up on conversations with exhibitors at RMAF – still the most popular dedicated hi-fi show in the USA. T.H.E. Newport Beach Show […]

  • emotiva_xda-2_front

    Emotiva begin shipping XDA-2 DAC

    It’s been a long time between drinks for Emotiva DAC fanciers but it looks like the folks in Tennessee have at last begun shipping their XDA-2 DAC. I really liked the XDA-1 (still do) and this new unit packs in even more features. A headphone output has been added that promises to “power all standard […]

  • vegafront

    AURALiC announce VEGA ‘Digital Audio Processor’

    We’re going to be hearing a great deal about Femto clocks in the coming months. (I predict they will be the digital audio marketing trend of 2013). AURALiC have a Femto clock in their newly announced statement DAC – the VEGA. In fact, they don’t call it a DAC, they call it a “Digital Audio […]

  • DAC-HD_rear

    Wyred4Sound announce uDAC-HD portable headphone amplifier

    I saw Wyred4Sound’s forthcoming portable DAC/head-amp at this year’s RMAF – now it has a tentative street date of December 2012. The µDAC-HD shares the same casework as the original µDAC, drops optical and coaxial inputs and picks-up a quarter inch headphone socket. Data feeds of up to 24/192 and Linux compatibility are handled by […]