October 2012

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  • micromega_mydac_11

    Micromega MyDAC review (CS4351)

    With their entry-level MyDAC (AU$499), Micromega have joined other field runners in refusing Pacific Rim production and/or assembly. The MyDAC was designed in France and it is manufactured in France. National pride is a powerful consumer persuader because it suggests superior quality control, greater longevity and support for the local (job) market. Ironically, unboxing the […]

  • m2tech_hiface_mk2_4

    M2Tech Hiface Two (TONEAudio review)

    Having given this chewing gum unit a run with the outgoing Squeezebox Touch, it is now time to report on how the second iteration of M2Tech’s Hiface fares with the incoming Mac Mini and MacBook Air digital playback systems. My review of M2Tech’s Hiface Two can be found on P148 of Issue 49 of TONEAudio. […]

  • rmafday3

    RMAF 2012 – Day Three highlights

    When I stop by the Wyred4Sound room, EJ Sarmento had that familiar cheeky grin going on. He looked like he was on the cusp of launching something new…soon, but not this weekend. On show was the new Mini-Pre ($1099) pushing into two of the same half-width mAmps ($899 each). Right-hand man Clint Hartmann tells me […]

  • rmafday2_

    RMAF 2012 – Day Two highlights

    Little surprises Part 1. Over on the far side of the CanJam area is the Digizoid table. Made in Scottsdale AZ, their ZO2 ‘personal subwoofer’ is a portable headphone amplifier with hot sauce. Hook it up to your laptop or iDevice and you get 32 user-selectable sound signature profiles from the scroll-wheel on the side. The […]

  • rmaf2012_day1

    RMAF 2012 – Day One highlights

    First stop.  New DeVore Orangutan 93…93db. $8k-ish.  Sumptuously seductive.  John DeVore is spinning some Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.  Lovely. Further information:  DeVore Fidelity NAD M50 Music Player ($2500) and NAD M52 Music Vault ($2000) for CD ripping and playback. …but Paul Barton’s new powered desktop speakers. PSB Alpha PS1. $300.  Fruity.  They ship in a handy re-usable box […]

  • musiclibrarymanagementbook

    The Music Library Management Book by Dan Gravell

    The developer of Bliss music library management software Dan Gravell has recently published an e-book called – yup – The Music Library Management Book. The tagline says it all: learn how to acquire, store, organise and protect your computer music library. The book contains a comprehensive guide to ripping with EAC.  Alas, Mac users aren’t […]

  • psaudiopwdmkii_5

    PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MKII review (Part 2)

    (You can read Part 1 of this review here.) Boxing match.  Opening the PerfectWave DAC box is the first sign that the guys at PS Audio take their innovation seriously – the packaging is ingenious. The usual Styrofoam cheeks are nowhere to be found. Instead, the unit is sandwiched between two layers of polyethylene, held […]