Burson Audio prep successor to HA-160D: The Conductor

Melbourne’s Burson Audio are about to launch the next generation of their very popular HA-160D. Like its predecessor, The Conductor is a headphone amplifier, DAC and pre-amplifier. Dimensions and casework remain unchanged but inside you’ll find an ESS Sabre32 9018 chip. The USB implementation has seen some love – it’s now an 24/192 asynchronous Tenor TE8802 (drivers for OS X and Windows only) – and the head-amp under the hood is the 4wpc Soloist.  Lastly, the pre-amplifier end of this three-way unit has been improved.

Burson will begin shipping The Conductor in November for an US$1850 price tag.

Further Information: Burson Audio

EDIT:  Here’s photographic evidence of the half-width power-amp mentioned in the comments below:

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  1. Mike McOwan

    Hi John

    Looks great, though big price rise from the HD160D.

    As an aside I noticed Burson’s Pre-Power combo has disappeared from their site.

    Also one photo on the Burson site appears to show a compact power amp design, sitting below the Conductor.

    More new designs to come?


    • John Darko

      Yeah, it’s a sizeable price jump, but if it’s to play pre- to a forthcoming half-width power amp, things could get VERY interesting.

      • Cafad

        Interesting you should say that John. If you go the Burson website, bring up the Conductor page and click on the photo gallery tab you will see that one pic (hint: bottom right: hint) does indeed display something that resembles exactly that.


  2. Dan

    New logo as well? Looks nice.