September 2012

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  • PS Audio announce NuWave DAC

    PS Audio have announced the replacement to the outgoing Digital Link III DAC. The thousand-buck NuWave DAC will be the first in a new series of digital audio processors from the Colorado company. Based on the PerfectWave unit, the NuWave DAC (NWD) offers USB (24/192, asynchronous, XMOS chipset) and S/PDIF inputs plus either single ended […]

  • M2Tech Hiface Two review (w/ Squeezebox Touch)

    I shall look back on this week as the time of the great file migration: the conversion of 4000+ albums from FLAC into Apple Lossless. I’m moving to an iTunes-fronted playback system. Bye-bye Squeezeboxen.  It’s a big decision, one that wasn’t taken lightly.  See – I’ve been a Squeezebox user since 2004.  Back then it was […]

  • Burson Audio prep successor to HA-160D: The Conductor

    Melbourne’s Burson Audio are about to launch the next generation of their very popular HA-160D. Like its predecessor, The Conductor is a headphone amplifier, DAC and pre-amplifier. Dimensions and casework remain unchanged but inside you’ll find an ESS Sabre32 9018 chip. The USB implementation has seen some love – it’s now an 24/192 asynchronous Tenor […]

  • #nowplaying David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant

    A shout out to/for David Byrne and St. Vincent. Their new collaborative long-player Love This Giant is a joyous meld of the neurotic and the celebratory – plus horn section. Much like Byrne’s 2008 collaboration with Brian Eno,  a direct-sell website has been created to more expediently put the record and tour tickets in your hands. […]

  • Bakoon Products AMP-11R integrated amplifier

    High-efficiency high-enders take note:  Brisbane’s Audio Addiction has been granted the Australian distribution rights for Bakoon Products. “After extensive testing of Bakoon’s AMP-11R integrated we are very excited to offer this brand locally”, said AA helmsman Tony Schmidt. “We believe that the AMP-11R will be a new reference for solid state amplifiers in the future. […]

  • PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MKII review (Part 1)

    November 2011. I was blowing dry the ink on my coverage of the Network Bridge (and MKI PerfectWave DAC) for 6Moons when PS Audio’s CEO Paul McGowan began trickling out details of a forthcoming update to the DAC. Formally launched in January 2012, the MKII didn’t necessitate buying a brand new unit. Points for that, […]

  • Channel Islands Transient MKII USB converter and DAC

    Here’s something interesting from Channel Islands Audio. Their new Transient MKII USB converter doubles as a DAC. There aren’t too many of these 2-in-1 products doing the rounds at the moment but we’re sure to see more of them in the future. Another way to think of the Transient MKII is as a DAC and […]