Wyred4Sound m-PRE and m-AMP teaser

California’s Wyred4Sound last week announced two forthcoming products. Kinda. Sorta.

On the back of the m-INT integrated amplifier’s postive reception, a similar half-width ‘desktop’ chassis – with 0.75 inch thick aluminium face plate and top-cover venting – has been again deployed for separate pre- and power units.

The m-AMP is a mono-block that boasts 220 Class D watts per channel (into 8Ohms). It’s fully-balanced with an all-new FET input stage.

The accompanying m-PRE is also a fully balanced dual-mono design with onboard DAC: S/PDIF and USB both support up to 24/192:

Neither unit are yet in production – it seems that EJ Sarmento and his team just like to tease us!  But guys, is it “mini-PRE” or “m-PRE”?  “mini-AMP” or “m-AMP”?  There’s no word yet on pricing…but as soon as I know, you’ll know.

Further Information: Wyred4Sound

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