August 2012

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  • What’s that smell? Picking up where Art Dudley left off

    Art Dudley’s recent Stereophile article calling bullshit on high-end bling has a lot of people singing hallelujahs. Few readers will be blind to this possibly being an (indirect) editorial – and advertising – repositioning for Stereophile but it got me thinking about how much I agree with Dudley.  His post read as more of a […]

  • NAD C 390DD Powered DAC amplifier review (Part 2)

    ACHTUNG!  Proceed no further until you’ve read Part 1 of the C 390DD coverage. NAD’s Direct Digital amplifier took a mid-review detour.  Australian distributors APG required it for a Sydney Audio Club demo afternoon.  In a large floor-boarded room the NAD drove PSB Imagine T2 floorstander for a gathering of local hi-fi enthusiasts.  Similar to […]

  • Metrum Acoustics prep flagship Hex DAC

    The Octave was undoubtedly the rising star of the budget DAC scene in 2011. A NOS DAC design from Metrum Acoustics (Acelec Engineering) that was fast, exceptionally transparent and thoroughly engaging.  I didn’t review it formally as I felt Srajan’s coverage over at 6Moons said [pretty much] everything:  it offered an abundance of “wow” factor that […]

  • KingRex UD384 DAC & USB-S/PDIF converter review

    Ready? My interactions with Taiwan’s KingRex UD384 started back in February 2012 with coverage of the UPower battery back. Steady? If you’re interested in the story so far with USB-S/PDIF converters take a ramble through digital audio transports, which was penned back in March 2012. Go!  KingRex’s UD384 (US$479) is a DAC and USB-S/PDIF converter in an […]

  • Sonore/exD DSD USB DAC

    Think native DSD playback is beyond your budget? The guys at Sonore want you to reconsider that possible misconception. Their new Sonore/exD unit can man-handle PCM and DSD (over PCM). On the rear, there’s a single asynchronous USB Audio Class 2.0 input – capable of up to 24/192 PCM, DSD64 and DSD128 – as well […]

  • Tube rolling with the Red Wine Audio Signature 15

    You know what I like? Surprises. Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio had packed an unannounced gift into the box of the (recently reviewed) Signature 15 (AU$1500)…which I didn’t notice until I began to repack the amplifier for its return trip to the Connecticut. What was it? A second tube for rolling into the little […]

  • NuForce DDA-100 ‘Power DAC’

    It looks like this Power DAC concept could become  The Next Big Thing™:  not simply DAC and amplifier in one box, but a unit where the incoming digital signal from a computer or streaming device is amplified entirely in the digital domain. The digital-to-analogue conversion takes place just prior to the speaker outputs. NuForce have […]

  • Bleep – A Guide To Electronic Music

    For me it all started with U.F. Orb. The very first electronic album to send my brain to another dimension without the assistance of (err) ‘medication’. Back in the early 90s, electronic music was tightly wedded to thoughts of outer space, time travel and aliens. I recall a buddy saying how much more he enjoyed […]

  • Wyred4Sound m-PRE and m-AMP teaser

    California’s Wyred4Sound last week announced two forthcoming products. Kinda. Sorta. On the back of the m-INT integrated amplifier’s postive reception, a similar half-width ‘desktop’ chassis – with 0.75 inch thick aluminium face plate and top-cover venting – has been again deployed for separate pre- and power units. The m-AMP is a mono-block that boasts 220 […]