Elijah Audio ISOLAATE BL USB cable and BPM battery module

Something homegrown from the back yard down under: Elijah Audio from Adelaide, South Australia has recently introduced a range of USB audio products designed to isolate the data signal and allow for an independent 5v battery juicing.

The new product range includes the ISOLAATE BL: a 75cm Data only USB cable with a 25cm battery lead and the BPM (Battery Powered Module) – ideal for taking a Hiface 1 or 2 off-grid (and away from the noisy computer power feed).

All internal wiring is Audience OCC Cryo Copper in cotton tubing and a combination of Mundorf Silver/Gold and Cardas quad solder secure the terminations.  Further enhancements include pre-assembly treatment from Peter Belt (PWB) products as well as contact enhancer on all contact pins.

The Isolaate cable is available in three sizes but custom length requests can apparently be accommodate.

Pricing:  Isolaate BL 30cm (US$155),  Isolaate BL 50cm (US$170), Isolaate BL 75cm (US$200), BPM module (US$105).  All products are covered by a 60 day money back guarantee.

Further Information: Elijah Audio

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  1. Jeff-from-Paris

    Hi to all

    Just bought and tried the BPM, and results are extremely positive, a clear level above the usual sound quality reached by the classic connection of an usb key holding music files.

    Thumbs up for PWB treatments, and Elijah Audio’s products

    A french audiophile

  2. Michael

    Hi Jeff,thanks for the kind words
    There is no doubt in my mind that the PWB treatments of my products raises the level of listening enjoyment.
    Elijah Audio