July 2012

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  • Serene Audio single-driver loudspeakers

    These single driver speakers look interesting.  Now imported into Australia by I-Enjoy, Canada’s Serene Audio loudspeakers could be the answer to domestic duels over ‘intrusive’ and ‘ugly’ loudspeakers.  OR, you might just be on the lookout for something more interesting for the that desktop rig… “Serene Audio was established out of their passion for music […]

  • What The Future Sounded Like

    Here’s an interesting short documentary aired by the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) about the genesis of the first synthesisers (in post-war Britain) and how they ultimately met with mainstream adoption among the likes of Hawkwind, Roxy Music and Pink Floyd. Centering around the rise and fall of Electronic Music Studios (EMS), this 27 minute film […]

  • Audio-gd Reference 10.2 DAC/pre-amp/head-amp (TONEAudio review)

    I’ve reviewed Audio-gd’s PCM1704-infused Reference 7.1 DAC and I’ve covered their C39-MK3 pre-amplifier. What happens when Kingwa gene-splices the two* together and adds a dedicated headphone stage to form the Reference 10.2? The short answer is you get the tonal richness and PRaT of a multi-but DAC implementation chrome-plated by the cleanliness of an ‘accurate’ pre-amplification […]

  • DAR ‘strategically partners’ with TONEAudio

    That post title sounds so corporate, doesn’t it?  In real life things boil down to a greater level of simplicity: as per the announcement made by editor Jeff Dorgay in the current issue’s editorial intro, I am joining the writing team at TONEAudio.  Dorgay isn’t your typical audiophile: he doesn’t worship at the altar of […]

  • Elijah Audio ISOLAATE BL USB cable and BPM battery module

    Something homegrown from the back yard down under: Elijah Audio from Adelaide, South Australia has recently introduced a range of USB audio products designed to isolate the data signal and allow for an independent 5v battery juicing. The new product range includes the ISOLAATE BL: a 75cm Data only USB cable with a 25cm battery […]

  • Well Rounded Sound Yorkie desktop loudspeaker review

    I first met Well-Rounded Sound’s main man Jaroslav (Jerry) Cmehil at RMAF 2011. He had the most intriguing room – so little to look at!  On show that day in Denver were a pair of Watch Puppy (US$299) with Woof 1 sub-woofer (US$399), all fed by a T-amp, DAC and Macbook.  Cmehil’s everyday hi-fi aspirations […]