June 2012

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  • #nowplaying #country Lambchop – Mr. M

    It’s true: Digital Audio Review gives a heap of love to electronica and techno. Recent experiences at the Newport Show suggests that many attending audiophiles aren’t ready for the extreme minimalism of Richie Hawtin or the loping, pastoral soundscapes of Boards Of Canada. Moreover, I dig as much Americana as the next guy. Lambchop have been […]

  • Audioquest releases Dragonfly USB DAC

    Here’s something unexpected: a USB DAC from cable giant Audioquest. The thumbnail sized Dragonfly DAC offers user-selectable variable and fixed outputs (for headphones and pre-amps respectively) and it handles resolutions of up to 24/96 via a buzzword-compliant asynchronous USB implementation; which is USB Audio class 1. Unusual at this price point is the deployment of […]

  • Perreaux announce Audiant DP32 DAC/Pre-amplifier

    New Zealand manufacturer Perreaux have announced their new high resolution audio preamplifier: the Audiant DP32. It’s a fully-balanced pre-amplifier with on-board 32-bit/192kHz DAC. At the heart of the Audiant DP32 DAC is ESS flagship 32-bit Sabre32 ES9018 chip. Connectivity is via six (6!) digital inputs: one AES/EBU, one asynchronous USB, two coaxial & two optical. […]

  • Audion EL34 Sterling Anniversary hard-wired power amplifier review

    Even equipment commentators need systems that exist solely for their private enjoyment. Systems that are fenced off from critical ears, there to provide sounds during review downtime.  The Audion EL34 Sterling Stereo Anniversary started its life in my life this way: this wasn’t intended as a review unit.  (Ditto Zu Omen bookshelves). Instead, this commentary […]

  • Burson updates HA-160 with Soloist headphone/pre-amplifier

    Three years after their HA-160 headphone amplifier, Burson Audio has announced a new two-in-one head-amp/pre-amp named the Soloist. Holding fast to Burson Audio’s IC-free design mandate, the Soloist is a pure Class-A amplifier free from standard IC op-amp and IC power regulator building blocks. The Soloist has 35% fewer components in its signal path than […]

  • T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2012 (Part 3)

    I’m starting to feel that I might not be a true, dyed-in-the-wool audiophile. I dig Momus and Built To Spill. Boards Of Canada and Neil Young. Animal Collective and Sufjan Stevens. Plastikman and Bright Eyes. Peter Gabriel and Talk Talk. If Newport Beach taught me one thing: most exhibiting audiophiles don’t dig too much of […]

  • T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2012 (Part 1)

    The Newport Beach show feels outright more relaxed than the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.  Things just aren’t as intense as they are in Colorado.  A cool breeze continually wafts through through the lobby of the Hilton Irvine. On the upper levels there’s room to manoeuvre and the hallways don’t get quite as jam-packed as in Denver.  With […]