May 2012

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  • Spotify on a Logitech Squeezebox Touch

    You’d have to be living under a pile of rubble to be unaware that Spotify officially dropped its Antipodean drawers this week. As David Bowie once foretold, music is now a utility – it flows like water and gas. Musings. Audiophiles that complain of 320kbps not being as good as (uncompressed) CD are probably missing […]

  • Eastern Electric M88 integrated amplifier review

    A true-balanced integrated amplifier that doubles as a power-amplifier. Plus 16 Ohm taps and piss-easy biasing. There’s a lot to like here… Alex Yeung and his Eastern Electric brand’s waves now consistently lap Antipodean audiophile shores thanks to local distributor I-Enjoy.  His MiniMax DAC and MiniMax phono stage are both pearlers in their respective price […]

  • Enhanced Digital Output applet for Squeezebox Touch

    These past few weeks I’ve been flirting with the Enhanced Digital Output (EDO) applet for the Squeezebox Touch. This app is the industrious work of Slim Devices senior member triode. It adds two key features to the SBT: 1. The ability to connect asynchronous USB DACs (WITHOUT hearing clicks & pops) 2. 176.4KHz and 192KHz […]

  • Empirical Audio Synchro-Mesh (6Moons review)

    Steve Nugent is no Johnny-come-lately. Working under the banner of Empirical Audio since 1994 he has a solid track record in digital audio; especially with digital clocks. Nugent believes that the clock (data timing) is the most important part of getting digital audio (sounding) right. He’s been selling the Pace-Car reclocker for some years now. […]

  • Neat Acoustics launch Iota loudspeaker

    No-one has a more dramatic name in hifi than Bob Surgeoner – he’s the MD of UK-based Neat Acoustics, who have recently launched a new, tiny standmount loudspeaker called the Iota. “The IOTA delivers a spectacular audio performance from an impossibly small cabinet, specifically intended for use very close to walls, or in locations such […]

  • Bliss adds MusicBrainz searches, web-based tag editing

    I’ve written about Bliss before and I’m writing about it again because I find it indispensable.  It automatically adds cover art to – and organises – your music collection into a folder structure.  Ideal for iTunes refusers! Bliss is essentially a daemon/app that runs (in the background) on your music server.  It can be controlled from […]