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    Electronica for audiophiles (Part 2)

    I don’t think that Diana Krall or Melody Gardot are necessarily bad. Not strictly my cuppa tea, they sound pleasant enough. Perhaps all that Pleasantville is a turn-off in itself? All that candy-sweet-talking rots teeth. No, the problem with such artists is that they hold an almost irreversible sway in many (most?) audiophile circles. Go […]

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    #nowplaying Squarepusher – Ufabulum

    Did you think Tron:Legacy was a piece of shit? Were you heartily disappointed by the Daft Punk soundtrack? Were you all like “WTF?!” when they busted out the classical pieces instead of fully-charged technologique? Did you think “De-rezzed” was the only good track on it? Are you all sad-face that Richard D. James releases new […]

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    Well Rounded Sound to launch Jack Terrier 2 in NYC

    New York-based Well Rounded Sound have the Jack Terrier 2 loudspeakers, directly targeted at desktop music enthusiasts. They are small! To be used in conjunction with an external amplifier and (optional) subwoofer they promise a “natural transparent sound”, says man-in-charge Jerry Cmehil. “Designed primarily as desktop speakers, the Jack Terrier 2 has ample power to […]

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    #nowplaying Ben Salter – The Cat

    11pm on Maundy Thursday and a four-day weekend loomed. I can’t say I was sober when I stumbled into the Union Hotel in Newtown. The joint was packed, all eyes fixed on some skinny troubadour bellowing back at them. I grabbed a beer and took a seat at the back with the intention of chatting […]

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    John Kenny JKDAC32 review (M2Tech Hiface + PCM5102 + LiFePO4)

    I know, I know. I keep banging the drum for (good) USB-S/PDIF converters. My recent ramble through a world of digital transports seemed to resonate with a number of readers. Good! USB-S/PDIF converters are near-essential in juicing every last sonic vitamin and aural nutrient from one’s DAC. I’ve long advised readers who email in that […]

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    NAD M51 Digital Direct DAC – initial impressions

    Having just moved house and the new apartment still in disarray, this blog post comes to you from Sydney’s North Shore where a tray of work-shy music lovers had earlier convened for lunch and an afternoon’s DAC auditioning. The key question on this fellow’s mind: is NAD’s M51 DAC as good as initial forum chatter […]

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    Audio-gd license Tenor TE8802, launch new products

    After several months of testing, Audio-gd has this week announced that it is the first company in mainland China to license use of the Tenor TE8802 chip in its production facility. The TE8802 is a USB audio class 2 chip than can handle up to 24/192 without the need for drivers on Mac OS X. […]