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    All new Schiit Mjolnir headphone amplifier and Gungnir DAC

    It’s that time again…time for some all-new Schiit! Just as the pixels dry on Darko’s Bifrost review, Schiit Audio announce details of their first balanced set-up: the Mjolnir balanced headphone amplifier and Gungnir balanced upgradable DAC. That Norse mythology product naming is gonna play havoc with those who insist that ‘BiTfrost’ is the name of […]

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    Schiit Bifrost 24/192 DAC (TONEAudio review)

    After weeks in the publication ante-room, my review of Schiit’s entry level DAC has finally crash-landed on the TONEAudio website. It’s Bifrost, not Bitfrost. Upgradable and modular and deploying one of the lesser common decoder chips (AKM 4399), Schiit’s first splash into the DAC scene has the forum’s a-buzzin’ and the manufacturer running at full tilt. […]

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    Audio Addiction to showcase ’emotionally involving audio’

    The Victorian arm of Audio Addiction (run by James Hornby) will host an informal open day this coming April. It’s an opportunity for interested parties to hear products from WLM, Red Wine Audio, Trafomatic and Hoyt Bedford; what Audio Addiction refer to as ’emotionally involving audio’. “Both James and I get no greater joy than […]

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    REDGUM Audio launch new online store, drop prices

    After 10 years of software inconsistencies and bare-bones aesthetics REDGUM Audio have launched a brand new online store: REDGUM Online.  This lick of pixel paint also bring new features: shipping calculators for Australian and international customers as well as the ability to accumulate rewards points. Even better: they’ve lowered prices.Due to the continuing high Australian […]

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    Audiophilleo launch PurePower VLN digital PSU

    In taking his Audiophilleo USB-S/PDIF convertor to the next level, Philip Gruebel has announced the PurePower VLN digital power pack. VLN? Very low noise. The PurePower is a rechargeable battery pack that keeps the ‘dirty’ USB power feed galvanically isolated from the twin clocks and S/PDIF output stage, instead feeding them with lovely, wholesome battery […]

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    Audio-gd NFB-2.1 review (Dual Wolfson WM8741)

    The budget DAC sector has seen numerous new products and product revisions since I first looked at the NFB-2 in late 2010. Everything has context.  One cannot discuss a DAC’s pros and cons in isolation.  The broader picture must be considered.  The swirl of ancillaries – to which some audiofolk refer as the God of Synergy […]

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    M2Tech announce Hiface Two USB-S/PDIF converter

    Italian company M2Tech have announced an update to their popular USB-S/PDIF converter.  The Hiface TWO will be fully USB Audio 2.0 compliant which means goodbye drivers and hello Linux.  It will be true plug n play.  This refresh also promises better power supply handling and an improved output interface. Retail pricing is expected to remain […]

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    A ramble through digital audio transports

    What I don’t know about digital audio transports is far greater than what I do know.  However, I receive numerous emails about what I think of X as a transport, or how it compares to Y.  Think of what follows as an overview of my digital audio transport experiences from the last 18 months.  Expect […]

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    #nowplaying Monolake – Ghosts

    Oversimplifying: Robert Henke makes Ableton Live and with it he creates electronic music.  The second part of Monolake’s trilogy, Ghosts, is both darker and more physical than its predecessor Silence.  Beats clank against moody, monotonic backgrounds; at least two tracks nod heavily in the direction of the UK bass scene. In fact, Ghosts could easily […]