PS Audio PerfectWaveDAC + Network Bridge (6Moons review)


Here’s another review sent for a lunar module ride across the surface of 6Moons. Months and months in gestation, a PS Audio factory tour cuts back to summary commentary of two years of DACs-to-date, which in turns leads into comparatives with PS Audio’s PerfectWaveDAC (it ‘wins’) and then onto my (99% excellent) user experience with the bespoke UPnP software that drives the Network Bridge.  A short conclusion for those short on time:  the Network Bridge sounds superior to the PWD running solo.

Four long pages with photo concurrency run here.

Written by John H. Darko

John lives in the NOW + HERE = NOWHERE. He derives an income from the ad revenues of DAR. John is also an occasional staff writer for Stereophile, 6moons and TONEAudio.

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