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    #nowplaying David Lynch’s Twin Peaks Archive

    Twin Peaks was the pinnacle of TV-as-art/entertainment.  It was a show that transcended the medium.  It was dark, funny and – at times – downright silly. (Cough) Instrumental to its success was Angelo Badalamenti’s score which director David Lynch has begun to slowly (re-)release under the project banner “The Twin Peaks Archive”. To be made […]

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    Trends TA-10.2P, PA-10 and PW-10 Combo One review

    Inflating the tyres on the Trends T-amp coverage: add a PA-10 tubed pre-amplifier (and head-amp) to the previously reviewed TA-10.2 (in power amplifier mode) and have them both fed by a dedicated linear power supply box, the UD-10.1 – that’s the “Combo One” meal… One hot August in the very early nineties (and a few […]

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    Future Of The Left drop new EP, tour Australia

    This post isn’t (just) for audiophiles.  This is for people who dig an intelligent racket.  When it comes to music as seething/shouty as this, all concerns about sound quality are stomped into the dust.  I went for a (compressed) iTunes version of this release as a stop-gap until someone from the 90s sends me a […]

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    Aspen NAKSA 100 power amplifier review

    Some people talk too much.  There’s a fine line between evangelical zeal and a plain, straight-up sales pitch.  Hugh Dean knows this.  His have-a-listen-and-see-if-you-like-it approach to his Melbourne-based amplifier design operation isn’t common as one – the consumer – would like it to be.  Is there anything worse than being told by the manufacturer or […]

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    M2Tech Young DAC vs John Kenny JKDAC32

    Another extensive reader letter that eases into user review territory.  Pearse from Dublin explains how/why he moved from an already impressive M2Tech Young DAC to the more humble-looking but (apparently) superior-sounding JKDAC32: “I come relatively new to FLAC and WAV based playback and already (within a year) I have been amazed at the progress of […]

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    U2, HDTracks issue 24bit Deluxe Achtung Baby

    Most of the music available as hi-res downloads is what young folk might call “old man music”.  A quick flick through HDTracks‘ hi-res catalogue and you’d see ‘yoof’ flippancy isn’t unjustified.  U2’s Achtung Baby is now twenty years old but – along with Nevermind’s release at 24bit and Bjork’s Biophillia getting similar treatment – it […]

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    Peachtree Audio DAC*iT review (ESS Sabre 9022)

    I’ve given some thought recently to what sonic features/quirks/annoyances might constitute the ‘Sabre DAC sound’.  I’d previously concluded that Sabre-charged DACs offered quite a distinct sonic signature, or at least some common traits that would allow one to pick a Sabre box blind.  Since spending some time with the Peachtree DAC*iT (AU$449), I’m no longer […]

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    Audirvana moves to Plus beta w/ iTunes integration

    Audirvana development keeps on keeping on.  It’s definitely one of the better audiophile-quality music players for OS X but the new beta (“Plus”) version pulls an even bigger rabbit from the hat – iTunes integration.  Wow. “Audirvana Plus can now, in addition to its independent playlist mode, be fully controlled by iTunes. In this mode, Audirvana […]

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    DAR turns 1. What’s on the road ahead?

    Digital Audio Review is one year old this week.   DAR also set a new daily visitor record (1200!) a couple of days ago and we’re now consistently exceeding more than 30 000 unique visitors per month.  Not bad for one year online. What have I learnt from those first 12 months covering hifi in […]