Best of RMAF 2011: Sonic Studio Amarra


The Amarra room was simple and neat and none-too nerdy for a computer audio focussed product.  I’m an ardent FLAC user so iTunes adjuncts like this have never been of interest to me for daily use, even though my gut instinct tells me that they sound ‘good’.

Amarra now supports FLAC with stability and one doesn’t have to use iTunes – Amarra can run as an independent app that supports playlists.  During a brief demo – and even with the significant background noise of nearby exhibitors – one could clearly conclude that Amarra sounds fuller, more alive and more engaging than standard iTunes playback.

From the Sonic Studio news desk:  Amarra will be releasing an OEM version for select DAC manufacturers called Amarra Hifi.  There are five DAC manufacturers on the initial list: Bel Canto, dCS, M2Tech, Musical Fidelity and Weiss.  These will be free to registered owners of these DACs.  Amarra Hifi is purpose-built for each DAC manufacturer.

Show n tell:

  • Apple Mach2Music Mac Mini  US$1495
  • Focal – Electra 1028 Be US$8495
  • Parasound JC 3 stereo amplifier US$4495
  • M2Tech Young US$1799
  • Bel Canto DAC 1.5 US$1799
  • Amarra US$695
  • Amarra MINI US$295
  • Amarra VINYL US$695
  • Model FOUR+ US$3995 (Eight channel FireWire I/O with DSP based Sonic EQ and plugins)

Further information: Sonic Studio


Written by John H. Darko

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