Best of RMAF 2011: Schiit Audio


Jason Stoddard – co-founder of Schiit – is hilarious.  He says his brand name’s (surprising) ‘controversy’ acts as a neat little customer filter:  it keeps the weirdos away!  You don’t like the name?  Good!  I listened to the soon-to-drop Bifrost DAC and remarked on how this would probably be the only time I’d get to hear LCD Soundsystem during the 3-day show.

On show at the Schiit stand:

  • Asgard (discrete solid state JFET/MOSFET headphone amp) US$249
  • Valhalla (all triode headphone amp)  US$349
  • Lyr (high power hybrid headphone amp), US$449. This one had 6BZ7 GE NOS tubes, which are now the standard tube
  • Bifrost (upgradable) DAC, US$349 without USB, US$449 with USB

Schiit are planning to release a balanced DAC and balanced amp this year (TWO separate products, not integrated into a single chassis), but they’re playing coy about details.

Further Information: Schiit Audio

Written by John H. Darko

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