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    Burson Op Amps in the Eastern Electric Minimax

    DAR-reader Philippe G wrote to me with some thoughts on op-amp rolling in the Eastern Electric Minimax DAC.  A combination of his enthusiasm and the Australian angle of Burson means Philippe’s words (and photos) might be of some interest to other readers: “An informal guess: (Eastern Electric’s) Alex Yeung knows that the Minimax’s potential can […]

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    Best of RMAF 2011: CEntrance

    CEntrance’s Michael Goodman doesn’t sound like a ‘Michael Goodman’ should.  He’s of Russian extraction and he’s one polite and disarming chap with a brain the size of a planet.  The USB technology he has developed for his products is licensed to other big DAC hitters. The CEntrance DACMini (DAC + head/pre) has been extended to embrace […]

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    Best of RMAF 2011: Sonic Studio Amarra

    The Amarra room was simple and neat and none-too nerdy for a computer audio focussed product.  I’m an ardent FLAC user so iTunes adjuncts like this have never been of interest to me for daily use, even though my gut instinct tells me that they sound ‘good’. Amarra now supports FLAC with stability and one […]

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    Best of RMAF 2011: Resonessence Labs

    What I originally thought to be just a DAC turns out to be a fully-fledged media player with HMDI output.  The photos show the concept best.  Here was a very pleasing, clean and detailed sound.  Just what you’d expect from the ESS Sabre stable.  My first question for all media players and servers:  does it […]

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    Best of RMAF 2011: Red Wine Audio

    I can’t imagine too many exhibitors being 100% happy with their room size (and the resulting sound).  Like most (all?!) hifi shows, RMAF is just a glorified show n tell – a fun one – and not necessarily a definitive representation of the capability of the gear at hand. Red Wine Audio’s Vinnie Rossi came […]

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    Best of RMAF 2011: Wavelength Audio

    I really liked the Wavelength Audio room.  Those were some BIG loudspeakers in a room that wasn’t anyway near large enough (in theory).  In fact, many of the rooms at RMAF are waaay too small for the sound (bass!) of large floorstanders.  Is this why so many exhibitors choose a musical programme that’s lighter than […]

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    Best of RMAF 2011: Schiit Audio

    Jason Stoddard – co-founder of Schiit – is hilarious.  He says his brand name’s (surprising) ‘controversy’ acts as a neat little customer filter:  it keeps the weirdos away!  You don’t like the name?  Good!  I listened to the soon-to-drop Bifrost DAC and remarked on how this would probably be the only time I’d get to […]

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    Best of RMAF 2011: Peachtree Audio

    The guys at Peachtree had one of the larger mezzanine rooms in which they showcased three systems of varying wallet damage.  Central to each was the Grand Pre, the (all-new) Grand Integrated and the tried and trusted iNova.  Team Peachtree’s verbal presentation was impressive in its slickness and head honcho David Solomon sure knows how […]

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    Best of RMAF 2011: Wyred4Sound

    Wyred4Sound have a host of new products set to drop in early December. First up, the M-int integrated (US$1499) with onboard ESS DAC. I love the neatness of these all-in-one boxes. This will give the Bel Canto C5i and the Peachtree iNova some serious competition. Then there’s a Linux-based music server (US$1999) with I2S out […]

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    Polk Audio announce LSiM Loudspeaker Series

    Having last weekend debuted several models at RMAF 2011, Polk Audio have announced a new top-of-the-line-home audio speaker range – the LSiM Series. “We’re tremendously excited to unveil the new LSiM series, which are the most advanced speakers we’ve built in our nearly 40 year history”, says Polk’s Vice President of Product Line Management, Mark […]