#nowplaying Plaid – Scintilli (“I am many sparks”)


It’s the sound of the first thaw spliced with the random joy of a kid in a playpen. It’s the new album from Plaid. It’s Scintilli (“I am many sparks”).

I thought we’d lost them down the manhole of obscurity, but the ex-Black Dog-ers have returned with an album that’s every bit as chrome-polished and rhythmically insistent as their 90s/00s output. (Still, nothing trumps Double Figure to these ears). Scintilli sounds beautiful. Think: melting ice sculptures. Audiophile wankers that dig electronica will love it. I am and I do.

Plaid’s Scintilli is available right now as a lossless (FLAC) download direct from bleep.com. DO it.

Warp have also compiled a Plaid primer (Induction) here.

Even more information – including a FREE MP3 download – can be gleaned from the Scintilli microsite.

Written by John H. Darko

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