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    Quad Link D-1 USB/SPDIF Interface and DAC

    All the bigger Brits are now at it. Quad‘s dropping into the budget DAC space with the Link D-1 USB DAC. It’s asynchronous (of course) and can deal up to 32/192. It’s ace-in-the-hole is that it doubles-up as a USB/SPDIF convertor. The boys at IAG sure know how to pull rabbits out of hats. “Link […]

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    Metrum NOS Mini DAC “Octave” – first impressions

    Aussie audiophile brethren heaping praise over and above Srajan Ebaen’s initial raves has seen me snag this Dutch DAC before the introductory pricing (668 Euros) expires and before the wait time blows out to months (rather than weeks). The landed cost of AU$980 flies under the import duty radar. Just. My Octave arrived yesterday.  The packaging […]

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    Burson HA-160 headphone amplifier review

    You can’t always get what you want. This story begins with bad vibes.  Melbourne’s Burson Audio are a tough bunch to get hold of.  There’s no phone number or street address (on their website) so it’s an email only affair.  This approach does them a disservice.  It ain’t just me and my paranoia talking.  I’d […]

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    Peachtree Audio announce The Grand Pre

    They’ve been promising it for a while now but Peachtree Audio are finally set to launch their statement DAC/Pre-amplifier.  It looks better than its Dad-joke name would suggest.  Six digital inputs – 24/192 asynchronous USB, two coax, two optical, BNC – feed an in-built ESS Sabre32 9018 DAC that lowers jitter to less than 1 […]

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    Audiophilleo 1 and 2 USB-SPDIF converter review

    [This review has been a long time in gestation. Why? It takes several months’ solid listening to get to grips with a DAC’s personality. Even more time is needed to be convinced of changes further up the source chain.] Regular readers will know my first truly revelatory experience with USB converters arrived with John Kenny’s […]

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    Olive music server app now available for Android

    Makers of self-contained music servers Olive have announced the availability of the Olive App for Android devices. Now available as a FREE download from the Android Market, the Olive App gives users portable access of up to 6000 CDs worth of lossless quality music and the same touch screen navigation menus found on the Olive. […]

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    #nowplaying Plaid – Scintilli (“I am many sparks”)

    It’s the sound of the first thaw spliced with the random joy of a kid in a playpen. It’s the new album from Plaid. It’s Scintilli (“I am many sparks”). I thought we’d lost them down the manhole of obscurity, but the ex-Black Dog-ers have returned with an album that’s every bit as chrome-polished and […]

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    Audio-gd C39-MK3 pre-amplifier and C10-SE power amplifier review

    Hifi is a game of two halves, both extremes of which are different takes on the illusory nature of in-home reproduction.  Musical vs accurate.  That endless, book-bashing debate that runs endlessly and round&round – like a record, baby – on the hifi forum circuit.   ‘Musicality’ might be the ready admission that ‘accuracy’ just isn’t possible […]