August 2011

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    Emotiva XDA-1 DAC review (AD1955)

    Regular readers will know that I frequently source review units from existing owners, rather than the manufacturer or local distributor.  In the case of Emotiva, one can only buy direct from the US of A – no doubt to keep prices low and ensure that everyone around the world pays the same – and so […]

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    Tom Waits announces new album “Bad As Me”

    Few artists dangle wrecking-ball anticipation as effectively as Tom Waits.  This morning, Waits announced his first album proper since 2004’s “Real Gone”.  If this man has recorded a bad album – nope, bad song – I’ve not heard it.  Hell, few artists would make it to this blog about hifi.  For Tom Waits, I make […]

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    BitPerfect – iTunes add-on for OS X

    In early August a chap called Tim Murison released an app to the Mac App Store called BitPerfect. (Yes, it’s Mac only and requires iTunes). BitPerfect is an add-on for iTunes that takes care of automatic sample-rate switching (so no more delving into Audio Midi Setup each time you wanna move between RedBook and Hires […]

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    Zu Omen Standard loudspeaker review

    Are you a car owner who buffs his pride and joy more than you drive the damn thing? You will find such types in the audiophile brotherhood. OCD readily bleeds into our pursuit of happiness: the tweaking, the polishing, the juicing. Conversely, there are guys who just wanna assemble a system, plonk it down and […]

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    Rega DAC review (24/192, Dual Wolfson WM8742)

    I’m gonna be frank: some of the bigger hifi players were caught napping.  As the digital audio scene exploded around them, DAC demand was predominantly absorbed by JohnnyComeLately’s from Asia.  The more traditional (British) hifi companies have been somewhat slow in getting their digital audio boxes to market; and also with ongoing revisions. A case […]

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    Exposure 2010s2 integrated amplifier review

    I receive a steady trickle of emails asking if I’ve heard Product X or intend to review Box Y.  Intent is never lacking, listening time, writing time and product availability are the three most significant constraints when deciding what to cover. Many folk presume that all products are always available (to me).  Not so.  I am […]

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    Antelope Audio launches Zodiac High-Definition DAC

    Just over a year ago Antelope Audio launched the Integrity Line of USB DACs.  Starting with the 192kHz Zodiac+ and then following up with the 384kHz Zodiac Gold in December 2010, the company is now rounding out the range with its most affordable product yet: the Zodiac High-Definition 192kHz USB D/A converter, US$1895. Music aficionados […]