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    Channel Islands VDC-SB PSU for Squeezebox Touch review

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it seventy-eight times: the Squeezebox Touch is the definitive digital audio gateway drug.  It’s the step taken by audiophiles wanting more convenience with the music selection process (as well as an array of internet radio stations). It starts innocently enough:  toe meets water for ~AU$250.  All your music […]

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    Audio-gd Digital Interface with Class A PSU review

    With Redbook audio – 16 bit, 44.1KHz –  44 100 audio slices are processed every second.  Each slice has its own unique (16 bit) value: anything from 0 to 65536, expressed in binary (ones and zeroes).  This binary value is converted to a voltage by the DAC and then sent on its merry way down […]

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    Audio-gd NFB-5 DAC / headphone amplifier

    Audio-gd are set to launch a new model of headphone amplifier and DAC called the NFB-5. It features the same dual Wolfson DAC chip combo that made the NFB-2 such a winner…and it adds an ALPS volume pot (RK27) and bypassable op-amp. Digital inputs: USB handles up to 24/96 bags, coaxial up to 24/192. The (96khz […]

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    Schiit Lyr headphone amplifier review

    Robyn Hitchcock once said: the people we should fear the most are those with no sense of humour. Conventional wisdom has it that Americans don’t have a sense of humour.  One look at Seinfeld, Friends, The Family Guy, South Park, The Simpsons (and countless others) soon smothers that untruth.  An untruth you’ll often here from […]

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    Weston Acoustics Troubadour integrated review

    “I’d rather trust a country man than a town man. I’d rather trust a man who doesn’t shout what he’s found.”  – Peter Gabriel (Genesis) I don’t know much about Earle Weston but his very grand sounding name – like that of a English Lord of the Manor – implies a majestic back story about […]

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    The Loudness War – is it hurting music sales?

    Could the Loudness Wars be hurting music sales? After you listen to an overly-compressed master, are you more or less likely to listen to another album? Does the lack of dynamic range render music subconsciously – and ironically – less engaging? One Earl Vickers has written an extensive paper [.pdf] on the possibility that listener […]

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    Talking Heads ‘Remain In Light’ 24/96 on HDTracks

    I feel a little guilty. Just two days ago I was bitching about the paucity of musical choices over at HDTracks…and then wallop – they go and add a bunch of releases from Warner Brothers. Eagles fans rejoice – Hotel California is now available as 24/192 and 24/96. Miles Davis’ Tutu gets the 24/96 treatment […]

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    Trafomatic Aries integrated amplifier (6Moons review)

    As a follow-up piece to the 6Moons Hoyt Bedford review, I’ve penned some verbiage on how well the Trafomatic Aries SET tangos with the Bedford Babes. In the context of the Hoyt Bedford Type 2, the EL34 Aries was compared to an Exposure 2010s2, a Weston Acoustics Troubadour and a Dayens Ampino. Click here for the […]