Red Wine Audio announce Isabellina Pro DAC


Vinnie Rossi has been a busy chap of late. Not only has he overhauled the Red Wine Audio website, but he’s posted fresh details of his new DAC.

The Isabellina Pro houses TWO DAC CHIPS on one board – one optimised for high-resolution playback, the other optimised for Red Book playback. The user can toggle between the two with the flick of a switch. That’s innovation!

As is common with all Red Wine Audio products, upgrade options are available for owners of previous Isabellina versions.


  • High-resolution d/a conversion via premium 24/192k Wolfson DAC chip
  • Red Book conversion via our tried-and-true 16-bit, NOS Isabellina design
  • Toggle between the two converters by simply flipping a switch
  • High-res converter also supports 16-bit, so you can choose between two “sonic flavors” for Red Book playback
  • Analog signal from both converters is further enhanced by our tube stage
  • Supports 3 digital inputs (USB, Coax, and Optical)

Price and images TBA. More information: Red Wine Audio

Written by John H. Darko

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