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    Schiit announce Bifrost upgradable 24/192 DAC

    It’s going to be a crazy busy second half of 2011 (and early 2012) for Schiit.  They’re rumoured to be releasing THREE different DACs, the first of which has just been announced as available for pre-order.  The first batch of which will ship at the end of August. The Schiit Bifrost is unusual in that […]

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    Integer mode, Audirvana and you

    At time of writing, the ideal feature shopping list for a new USB DAC or USB-S/PDIF converter might look something like this: Asynchronous USB transfer TWO independent clocks (one for the 44.1/88.2/176.4 sample rate family, one for the 48/96/192 sample rate family) Galvanically isolated USB Integer mode capable Integer mode – it’s the next hot […]

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    Bladelius Design Group USB DAC review

    On the one hand, USB DACs annoy the bejesus out of me.  There’s only one connectivity option (USB – duh).  Without S/PDIF, there’s no adding your own upstream transport/re-clocker to marshall the USB-emanting jitter.  Both models of Audiophilleo and the John Kenny-modded Hiface MK2 can make appreciable improvements to even the most frugal of DAC […]

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    John Kenny announces MK3 Hiface and Sabre DAC

    John Kenny has also been a busy chap of late. He’s boxed his battery-modded Hiface into a new aluminium enclosure and it can now run completely “off the grid” thanks to two LiFePO4 batteries – the same technology used by Red Wine Audio’s Vinnie Rossi. The S/PDIF output of this new MK3 version has also […]

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    Red Wine Audio announce Isabellina Pro DAC

    Vinnie Rossi has been a busy chap of late. Not only has he overhauled the Red Wine Audio website, but he’s posted fresh details of his new DAC. The Isabellina Pro houses TWO DAC CHIPS on one board – one optimised for high-resolution playback, the other optimised for Red Book playback. The user can toggle […]

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    USB DACs – all mouth, no trousers

    Digital audio – it’s too computer-y. I blame USB.  It’s all mouth and no trousers! I’ve written an article about my frustrations with USB DACs for PSAudio’s new online publication, PSTracks. “For many, USB(-only) DACs are a one-way street. They offer a way into the world of digital audio, but once in, you’re on a […]

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    SBooster “Best of Two Worlds” PSU for Squeezebox review

    [The first of two reviews looking at linear power supply options for the Squeezebox Touch.  First up, an unusual pair of products from a Dutch company called – wait for it – Squeeze-Upgrade.] Some reviews are as much about me as they are about you.  This is one such review.  It’s where review objectivity and […]

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    JohnBlue Audio Art JB3 loudspeaker review

    McDonalds, KFC, Subway.  They’re fun now and again…but ya can’t live on fast food alone. A long-term lack of dietary nourishment would undoubtedly lead to health issues. Desktop audio.  It’s fun now and again but a guy can’t live at his workstation 24 x 7.  Desktop hifi products are fun because of their form factor’s […]

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    JPLAY – a digital audiophile player for Windows

    Audivarna, Fidelia, PureMusic, Amarra, Decibel – with so many OS X ‘audiophile grade’ software players coming to market, it’d be enough for the novice to conclude that a Windows PC doesn’t cut it as bona fide digital audio transport. Not so. JPLAY is a puristic audio player for Windows and will instantly transform your PC […]