Musical Fidelity launches V-Link


Increasingly more people are using computers in their home hifi setups. However, the standard USB output has held back most computers from true audiophile-grade digital audio transports.

Standard computer USB outputs are synchronous: the computer itself controls the digital audio clock speed (the rate at which the data is sent). From an audiophile’s perspective this isn’t good news – such timing errors are known as jitter, and jitter degrades sound quality. The solution to this problem is asynchronous data flow. The receiving device controls the digital audio clock speed.

The Musical Fidelity V-Link is one such device.  Sitting between your computer and your DAC, it extracts the digital audio via USB using this (superior) asynchronous method…and then outputs this data to your DAC via optical or coaxial.

Developed exclusively in house, The V-Link is a 24bit/96kHz asynchronous USB to S/PDIF converter.  Powered via USB, it requires no external power source.  It also free of the burden of bespoke drivers.  It is true plug n play.

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Written by John H. Darko

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