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    Musical Fidelity launches V-Link

    Increasingly more people are using computers in their home hifi setups. However, the standard USB output has held back most computers from true audiophile-grade digital audio transports. Standard computer USB outputs are synchronous: the computer itself controls the digital audio clock speed (the rate at which the data is sent). From an audiophile’s perspective this […]

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    Muse Mini 4 x TDA1543 NOS DAC

    I can’t find an official website for Chinese manufacturer Muse, but their “beginner’s” Mini 4 x TDA1543 DAC caught my eye on eBay due to its stupidly tiny price:  ~AU$50, shipped to my door.  I bought one.  I’m now on a mission to find the “best” cheap and cheerful (~AU$100) DAC. The specifications are anything but […]

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    Flac Player v1.1 for iOS goes 24/96 capable

    You wait for a bus to arrive then two come at once.  Not only is FLAC on the iPhone/iPad now a (native) possibility thanks to Dan Leehr’s Flac Player, but it now supports 24/96 files according to this Head-Fi post from the app’s developer. “Hi everyone, Dan here. Couple things – FLAC Player 1.1 is […]

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    Audio-gd Reference 7.1 DAC review (8 x PCM1704)

    “Carlsberg: probably the best beer in the world“.  Saatchi and Saatchi’s tagline dominated British media in the 1980s.  Carlsberg advertising was everywhere.  And who was anyone to say that it wasn’t the best beer in the world.  Taste in beer – like taste in music – is so utterly subjective.  But you had to admire their advertising chutzpah. […]

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    Fidelizer – audiophile optimisation for Windows

    Here’s an interesting little application for Windows users who are keen to tweak their PC or laptop to audiophile standards.  Fidelizer optimises any Windows 7/Vista computer for digital audio playback.  If you don’t like the results, a simple reboot puts you back to your default OS state.  (Personally, I’d recommend creating a restore point before […]

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    Trafomatic Aries integrated to debut in Australia

    Commissioned for use with the Hoyt Bedford loudspeaker range, Audio Addiction Australia are excited to announce the forthcoming availability of the Trafomatic Aries integrated amplifier. “I wanted something to match the Hoyt-Bedford’s to perfection.  To have energy and speed.  To have single ended purity.  There really was just one catch.  It needed to built to […]

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    Lead Audio LA-100 DAC

    Lesser-known Danish manufacturer Lead Audio‘s one and only DAC product – the LA-100 – is set to arrive in Australia within the next month or so. It will fall into a similar price bracket as the Cambridge DacMagic, but promises superior components:  Burr Brown’s PCM 1796 DA Converter, German Wima Condenser for the power source […]

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    Decware 24/192 Z-DAC1

    Having recently communicated with Decware’s Steve Deckert about his single-ended amplifiers, I noticed he now makes a 24/192 upsampling DAC called the Decware Z-DAC-1. It does 24/96 on the USB input, which reportedly bests the S/PDIF inputs for sound quality. Output impedance is rated at less than 100 Ohms. From the Decware website blurb: “The […]

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    NuForce launch reference class DAC-9

    Purveyors of Class D amplification action, NuForce have announced their (statement) DAC 9.  It sports six digital inputs (count ’em) and a bypassable volume control – the DAC 9 can be used with or without a pre-amp. After a little to-ing and fro-ing on the issue, NuForce have confirmed that S/PDIF inputs will support up […]

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    Lowther return to Australia with Hornet HD

    ‘Lowther…towards perfection’ – so goes the art deco inspired motif, used since the early days of Lowther, an English company based in Sidcup, Kent.  This classic British brand returns down under as (obviously!) Lowther In Australia with the Hornet HD (AU$6650). Lowther believe “perfection” in sound reproduction to be much more than just “Hi-Fi”; it is the […]

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    Dayens Ampino integrated amplifier review

    A man with two watches never knows the time.  Similarly, a man faced with two opposing opinions might not know what to think.  Separated by nine months, so ran my experiences with the Dayens Ampino… My first date with the Dayens integrated took place in August 2010.  She was the first (and only) amplifier to […]

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    Electronica for audiophiles (Part 1)

    Electronica for audiophiles.  Electronica that’s been immaculately pieced together and mastered to perfection.  There’s not as much of it knocking about as you might think. Anyone can rattle off artist after classic artist from the last thirty or so years, but too much choice isn’t helpful to the newcomer – it’s bewildering! I’ve compiled a Top […]

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    AyreWave renamed to Decibel, still awesome

    OS X software guru Stephen Booth turned heads late last year with his minimal software player AyreWave; apparently the coalescing of some the great audiophile minds at both Ayre Acoustics and Wavelength Audio.   It swiftly became my audio player of choice when using my Macbook and J Kenny-modded Hiface as transport. It transpires that […]

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    MHDT announce USBridge USB to S/PDIF Converter

    New to the high-resolution revolution, MHDT Labs have recently released an asynchronous USB DDC unit.  Powered directly from the USB bus, no additional power supply is required. Supplied with custom drivers the USBridge is able to fully support up to 24bit/192kHz via both S/PDIF and I2S outputs. The USBridge sports two MHDT-commissioned oscillators: 49.152MHz for […]