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    Nuforce give away hi-res test tracks

    Want something to really push the limits of your digital audio system?  Or maybe you need superbly-recorded hi-res music files that highlight the talents (and shortcomings!) of your digital audio setup? Nuforce are giving away a selection of high quality (96Khz) music in WAV, FLAC, WMA and M4A formats.  These are tracks that highlight clarity, […]

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    Harbeth P3ESR SE standmount loudspeaker review

    If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. A change is as good as a rest. Many hands make light work. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Conventional wisdom is chock full of contradictions.  So, who – or what – to believe? Never meet your heroes – they’ll only disappoint.  That’s what conventional wisdom tell us. […]

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    Radiohead’s King Of Limbs drops as 24-bit lossless

    Being quite the nerdy bunch, Radiohead fans will be pleased to learn that their favourite band’s recently released King Of Limbs is available as a 24-bit FLAC download.  7Digital have scored the exclusive distribution of this hi-res version to a number of countries across the world. Nine quid bags you a hefty download that definitely […]

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    Audio Sector Gainclone integrated amplifier review

    Powerpoint presentations don’t have to revert to ugly, over-animated stereotype. Not all users have contributed to its continued and almost irreversible derision as a modern communication tool.  I teach my students that it’s all about how you (ab)use it that makes the difference.  Implementation is the sole determinant to successful connotation, to making your audience […]

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    Pro-Ject Speaker Box 4 launches

    International Dynamics is pleased to announce the availability of the Pro-Ject Speaker Box 4 at AU$399 pair. These two-way mini monitors which are available in either high gloss white, red or black piano lacquer, are an ideal match for the Box Design components, standing only 228mm high (with grilles). Featuring a 100mm bass/midrange and a […]

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    WLM Stella floorstanding loudspeaker review

    Some audiophile vernacular has become tainted:  ‘accuracy’ is one.  It’s become a lazy way to describe a cold and oft-emotionless presentation.  “You’re either with us or you’re with the the terrorists”, went the George W line.  You’re either a fan of musicality or you’re a fan of accuracy; as if shades of grey had been […]

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    47 Labs Lens standmount loudspeaker review

    It’s easy to get lost in the hardware.  We chop and we change.  We mix and we match.  All in pursuit of a hopefully better, more satisfying sound.  And around and around it goes.  The ferris wheel of hifi purchases.  Yet we rarely ask ourselves: is what we have good enough?  This is the personal […]

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    HDTracks announce hi-res Rolling Stones reissues

    HDtracks has announced its first set of high definition Rolling Stones releases.  Throughout 2011, the Rolling Stones back catalogue will be issued as both 24/176 (US$30 per album) and 24/88 (US$20 per album) lossless FLACs.  All files are DRM free. A 10% discount is available until 8th March 2011.  (Use promo code STONES10 at checkout.) […]