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    MHDT Labs Balanced Havana NOS DAC review

    It’s easy to get caught up in the obsession for more and more detail from one’s hifi system. Full disclosure: hearing audience murmurs in live recordings isn’t the most paramount concern to this reviewer. The long-term enjoyment of music reproduction for me comes from those three elder statesmen – pace, rhythm and timing – as […]

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    PrimaLuna bring new tube range to Australia

    International Dynamics is pleased to announce the availability of PrimaLuna’s exciting new line of tube electronics. These products demonstrate technical perfection which gives way for breath taking sound reproduction, immaculate delivery of rhythmic sounds, coupled with modern yet exceedingly elegant aesthetics which exude a luxurious and superior image despite their affordable price. This impressive brand […]

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    Violectric V800 24/192 DAC review

    Vorsprung durch Technik. “Progress through technology”. It’s been Audi’s tagline and ethos since the 1970s and – like all good advertising slogans – has morphed into a societal meme that has been referenced in popular culture time and again. These three words have been deployed by countless stand-up comedians keen to re-enforce the racial stereotype […]

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    Audiofile Engineering release Fidelia for OS X

    Audiofile Engineering have released their new audio player Fidelia (formerly Twilight). Fidelia is an elegant and powerful music player created exclusively for Mac OS X. Designed in Cocoa from the ground up, Fidelia proudly takes advantage of CoreAudio, Quartz, and other solid OS X features. It supports FLAC and Ogg Vorbis, can be controlled by Fidelia’s […]

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    Lenehan Audio PDX (Base Level) DAC review

    Audio equipment reviews are time-sensitive missives. In the world of digital front ends, there is much work to be done. In this writer’s opinion, many manufacturers have a long way to before transports and DACs approach the liquidity and the detail of (what are now vintage) CD players from the 1990s. Hello Marantz. Rega’s standard […]

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    Cerwin Vega CMX-6 standmount loudspeaker review

    American company Cerwin-Vega have been around since the inception of the whole hifi-in-the-home shebang. They produced the very first solid state amplifier in 1957 and they were instrumental in developing Sensurround in the 1970s. That deep rumbling sound that engulfed many a Charlton Heston scene in Earthquake? You have Cerwin-Vega’s subwoofer dev team to thank.With […]

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    Next Media announce Australian Audio and AV Show

    Next Media and the UK’s Chester Group are teaming up to bring an old-style hifi show to the heart of Melbourne’s CBD: The Australian Audio and AV Show 2011. The show will run from October 21-23 culminating in The Sound+Image Awards Presentation Dinner. Taking place at the The Marriott Hotel, 50 sound-proof exhibition suites for […]

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    Blinded by science?

    I still don’t understand it: people that buy cars capable of break-neck speeds only to be legally hamstrung by the national speed limit. They’ll regale their mates with details of their car’s theoretical prowess but they don’t own a test track, they’re not Jeremy Clarkson, they CANNOT do anywhere near its top speed out on […]