January 2011

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    Auraliti extend range of music servers

    The Auraliti PK100 is a US$799 fanless, Linux-based music server and player that pushes digital audio via Music Player Daemon out to a Juli@ card.  Yes, I have heard one: it easily held its own against the John Kenny modded Hiface coupled to a MacBook Pro.  With the success of this neat and affordable device […]

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    Ack! Industries announce dAck! 2.0

    Taking a leaf out of Red Wine Audio’s book, the chaps at Ack! Industries are set to release a 2.0 revision of their dAck (err) DAC that will feature 6-8 hours of battery powered listening time. It’s a NOS design with no digital filters.  Op-amps can still be found in the output stage. Still, the proof […]

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    Lite DAC-83 review (4 x PCM1704)

    Towards the end of the 1980s, Prefab Sprout lead man Paddy McAloon had become increasingly obsessed with two music legends: The King and The King of Pop. The Sprouts’ 1990 masterpiece Jordan: The Comeback was laden with references to Elvis. However, one word in the chorus of “Machine Gun Ibiza” stood out as quite peculiar. […]

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    KingRex UC192 digital converter lands in Australia

    Need to convert USB digital audio to either S/PDIF or I2S?  KingRex joins the ever-growing throng of digital interfaces from M2Tech, Audio-gd, Firestone and TeraDak with its UC192 converter. The KingRex UC192 is a high-quality computer audio transport interface for those wishing to stream high-resolution files to an existing DAC. The UC192 can transfer from […]

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    Peachtree iNova, iDac and musicBox pricing announced

    Audio Marketing have announced (tentative) local pricing for the Peachtree musicBox device. It will retail for AU$899 on its own, AU$999 with the MB3 speakers or AU$1299 with the DS4.5 speakers. Alternatively, you can BYO. What’s the Peachtree musicBox? It’s a shrinking of the iDecco/iNova package to accommodate smaller desktop and bedroom systems. It comes […]

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    Usher S-520 standmount loudspeaker review

    “You’ve got the brawn, I’ve got the brains, let’s make lots of money” – Pet Shop Boys This review could easily have been subtitled “How I Nearly Got It Wrong” or “Reasons To Be Patient (Parts 7-12)”. Five years on from its original release, the Usher S-520 is obviously not a new product but gets […]

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    Soundcheck’s modifications for the Squeezebox Touch

    Many of us have first-hand experience with different playback engines sounding superior to iTunes – PureMusic and Amarra are solid examples.  It’s their low CPU load that (possibly) makes all the difference, rendering the transport “electrically quieter” and thus improving its digital output.  If we can turn off unnecessary processes on the computer, we can […]

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    John Kenny JKSPDIF MK2 (modded m2tech Hiface) review

    Often the benefits of even the most luxurious (read: expensive) audio upgrades are tough to pick. They seep into the listener’s consciousness over a number of weeks – an additional lilt there, a touch more decay there (and that’s even before we factor in product burn-in). On the other hand, some things are just cut […]

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    REDGUM Sonofa’GUM 5500 integrated amplifier review

    Budget systems hunters – we’re all about obtaining an enjoyable sound for little money.  An integrated amplifier and some half-decent standmount loudspeakers would see most people on the road to audiophile bliss without a big spend at the high end; but standmount speakers are deceptive little beasts, often requiring some serious juice to get them […]

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    Red Wine Audio Isabellina LFP-V Edition review

    I want to identify a common complaint amongst computer audiophiles: DAC anxiety.  Some of us try them “all” and get nowhere, never satisfied (few DACs I’ve heard approach the “rightness” of a Rega Saturn or an older Marantz CD player).  Some of us freeze in the face of the bewildering number (and types) of DACs […]